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n. (plural of sling English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sling)

Usage examples of "slings".

When the good Prince Emmanuel had thus beleaguered Mansoul, in the first place he hangs out the white flag, which he caused to be set up among the golden slings that were planted upon Mount Gracious.

Therefore they betook themselves to the field, that they might also be out of the reach of the slings, by which they were much annoyed all the while that they were in the town.

While Zoug and Dorv ranged the hillsides hunting with slings, the women had foraged over the same terrain, and the tantalizing aroma of cooking food whetted the appetites of the hunters.

Except for a discussion at the far end between Dorv, Grod, and Crag about the relative merits of spear versus club, most of the men were practicing with slings and bolas.

He was gathering up the scraps after cutting out several more slings when she brought him a drink of water.

Sometimes the trumpets would sound, and sometimes the slings would whirl the stones into the town.

Emmanuel also, when he had thus set forwards to go to recover the town of Mansoul, took with him, at the commandment of his Father, fifty-four battering-rams, and twelve slings to whirl stones withal.

Further, there were several small banks and advance-grounds, as Plain-Truth Hill and No-Sin Banks, where many of the slings were placed against the town.

Now, forasmuch as there was no way lawfully to take the town of Mansoul but to get in by the gates, and at Ear-gate as the chief, therefore he commanded his captains and commanders to bring their rams, their slings and their men, and place them at Eye-gate and Ear-gate, in order to his taking the town.

Then was an alarm sounded, and the battering-rams were played, and the slings did whirl stones into the town amain, and thus the battle began.

He commanded also that the golden slings should yet be played upon the town, especially against the castle, because for shelter thither was Diabolus retreated.

The captains, therefore, did quickly clear that street by the use of their slings, so that way was made up to the heart of the town.

And if this should happen, then away go with him his rams, his slings, his captains, his soldiers, and he leaveth Mansoul naked and bare.

Wherefore they set a strong watch at the gates, and had also doubled their guards: they also mounted their slings in good places, where they might conveniently cast out their great stones to the annoyance of their furious enemy.

Mansoul, and to entrench himself and his men in the field without the reach of the slings of the town.