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n. (plural of hag English)

Usage examples of "hags".

The wicked glee of the Hags could scarcely be contained, and the audience was glum indeed.

You have been going for individual victories, and getting some, but like the Hags you have been losing overall.

The chilly breeze stirred up the straw in the nests of the hags, whined through the new skulls, gleaming in niches, white against the dark gray granite, made the thin human skins curing upon the walls and the bloodstained piles of human clothing flap weakly.

This Samhain had seen the greatest hunt in ages, and, satiated at last on human blood and human meat, even the hags slept under the weight of the noon sun now filtering down from the upper reaches of the roof in pale shafts of watery light.

Khouri curl into a nearly invisible ball, and roused the hags drowsing in the crevices of his throne, snapping the guards around the perimeter of the Hall to attention.

The hags were slaves too, but they were old and weak, bent-backed and stiff-fingered, and the Bull Hands did not fear to let them near the lode.

The diggers continued breaking the wall and the hags kept sifting through the dust.

Bull Hands jumped down into the lower tier, where the hags squatted as they sifted dust.

The Bull Hands were lashing the hags, sending up sprays of blood and pipe water to spatter against the wall.

The headlights kept giving them glimpses of hordes of gully-wudes, bogans, hags, shelly-coats and goblins.

He marked the various positions of the riders of the Hunt, the gathering of bogans and hags, gullywudes, trolls and other creatures of the Unseelie Court.

Then the fields around them came alive with bogans and gullywudes, hags and spriggans, and an eighteen-foot-high giant who pushed his way out of a stand of small saplings to roar at them.

Down he spiralled and Kate looked away, unwilling to see his end, but the hags caught him.

If I moved out from under the awning, the nightflyers would get me or at least mob me, then the hags and the grinning man could take me.

The hags seemed to shrink in upon themselves, not bowing, but like they thought about it.