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n. (plural of sting English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sting)

Usage examples of "stings".

Now Kelvin realized, belatedly, that the posts were copper stings stuck in the ground.

The chimaera was emitting lightning, and the stings in the ground received the lightning and made the spectacular display.

There was a purple flash as the stings traveled alone to their destination.

At the other end the men who had gone back were presumably unloading as fast as the stings arrived.

The stings had worn through their coverings in places and the copper was drawing attention from those who dared not touch.

Each scrape and scratch that abraded his skin set up a chorus of stings against the deep ache of strained joints.

The amber filly struck at the stings, but they were far too swift and powerful.

Kel and Beor back from the brink of a gaping fissure while a searing wind rushing up from the abyss stings his eyes.

He was there to sail in, destroy that landing, and perish if he had to, like the wasp that stings and dies.

Each scored minor hits, each felt minor stings, but neither seemed to gain the advantage as the minutes continued to slip by.

Jeremy, quite dispassionately, that ten or a dozen stings from the stock of these apiaries were very commonly enough to kill an adult human.