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n. (plural of swing English)


Swings may refer to:

  • Swings, a South Korean rapper
  • Bart Swings, Belgian speed skater
  • Pol Swings, astrophysicist
  • Swing (seat) (often referred to as "swings"), playground equipment
Swings (rapper)

Moon Ji-hoon ( Korean:문지훈, born October 14, 1986), better known by the stage name Swings (Korean: 스윙스), is a South Korean rapper. Formerly under the label Brand New Music, he is currently contracted under his own record label, Just Music Entertainment.

Usage examples of "swings".

I had come to the Highlands, far from video machines and computer analyses of swings, or, from the mental side, sports psychologists and gurus who claimed that visualizing a good shot all but guaranteed that one would produce a good shot.

I was taking full swings, moving the club on a straight line back from the ball to as far as I could take it, given my flexibility.

Just think of those solid swings you made the last couple of days, a three-iron over the flag on the second at Dornoch, a six-iron that covered the flag in a hook wind at the thirteenth, when you brought the shot in from the right as if you were reeling it in.

And they prefer full swings, because they know precisely how far they can hit the ball with every club.

Tony and Angelo were swinging head down, side by side, timing their swings identically like mass-produced clock pendulums.

He reached up and slapped his palms around the resin bag, then took the bar again and swung off, working up into a smooth, straight, arrow-neat swing, the four straight practice swings with which he always began rehearsal.

Their swings and practice maneuvers, run through for limbering up, went well enough, but Mario was in one of what Angelo called his prima donna moods.

Absolutely perfect swings and spins would be followed by returns so clumsy that even Tommy felt privileged to jeer, and twice, going for a double, Mario broke off at the last moment and dived into the net, without explanation.

After a few ragged swings the trapeze came to rest in the center, Jack hanging from it.

Mario got in a couple of swings, then Tommy hit him, hard, a slamming blow on the jaw that dumped him on the floor.

He ate it from his Boy Scout messkit, sitting on one of the playground swings and rocking slowly back and forth with his shadow trailing out long across the faded lines of the basketball court.

She sat down in one of the swings, the thud of her heart beginning to slow.

Past Scott Hatteberg and Greg Myers, the two lefties on the bench who had thought they had the night off, rushing back through the clubhouse to the batting cage to take some practice swings, in case they are asked to pinch-hit.

On the tenth pitch of the at bat, after fouling off four pitches with Superman swings, Sweeney takes a slider from Tam and golfs it off the 1-800-BAR-NONE sign, just over the left field wall.

If anything can fool the visitors it will be this lovely pavilion, completed only a few days ago, charming and quaint as a dollhouse, and its enchanting little children playing on the swings and roundabout or splashing in the pool.