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n. (plural of song English)

Songs (Regina Spektor album)

Songs is the second album by singer-songwriter Regina Spektor. The album was recorded in its entirety on Christmas Day of 2001; all songs were recorded in one take. Copies of the self-released album were sold at Spektor's early live shows. The album is still sold at shows, and is available for purchase periodically at the independent CD retailer

Songs (Luther Vandross album)

Songs the ninth studio album by American R&B singer-songwriter Luther Vandross, released on September 20, 1994 (see 1994 in music) on Epic Records. The album, a collection of cover versions, produced the singles " Endless Love", " Always and Forever", and " Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now". According to an interview both Luther and Mariah Carey had in Japan following their release of "Endless Love", there was mention that Carey had given advice as to what songs Vandross would cover in this album.

Songs earned Vandross four nominations at the 1995 Grammy Awards— Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for " Love the One You're With", Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Endless Love", Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "Always and Forever", and Best R&B Album.

Songs (Rich Mullins album)

Songs is a compilation of well-known songs by American singer/ songwriter Rich Mullins, released on July 30, 1996. It was the last album to be released by Mullins before his death in a car accident on September 19, 1997. A follow-up hits compilation, Songs 2, was released in 1999.

The album featured three new recordings: new versions of the previously recorded songs "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" and "Elijah", and a brand new track, "We Are Not as Strong as We Think We Are". In addition, the album featured the full-length radio single version of "Screen Door", which had been commercially unavailable prior to this release.

In 2001, Songs was certified as a Gold record (500,000 units sold) by the RIAA.

Songs (Admiral Freebee album)

Songs is the second album by the Belgian rock band Admiral Freebee, released in 2005.

Songs (Spiers and Boden album)

Songs is an album by Spiers and Boden. It consists of traditional British folk songs and sea shanties, apart from Innocent When you Dream which was written by Tom Waits for the soundtrack to the film "Franks Wild Years". It was released less than six months after their previous album Tunes . Four of these songs concern murder, which gives a dark tone to the album. It was recorded and released in October 2005.

Songs (Fra Lippo Lippi album)

Songs is the third studio album by Norwegian pop rock group Fra Lippo Lippi. Originally released in 1985 by the band's own label, Easter Productions, Songs received favorable reviews and sold around 5,000 copies without any means of promotion.

Later that year, Virgin Records signed the band to a worldwide contract. The album was reissued and released internationally in 1986 with some songs re-recorded or remixed and the addition of the song " Everytime I See You". " Shouldn't Have to Be Like That", "Everytime I See You" and " Come Summer" were released as singles in Europe, while "Everytime I See You" and " The Distance Between Us" became popular hits in the Philippines. This version of the album also sold 20,000 copies in Norway.

The sleeve photography by Reinhard Wolf shows the medieval alcazar of Molina de Aragon in Spain.

Positive response from critics and sales performance of Songs prompted Virgin Records to have the band work on a follow-up album. Unfortunately, by the time Light and Shade was released in 1988, Virgin Records dropped the band.

In 2005, the album was reissued by band founder Rune Kristoffersen's label Rune Arkiv. It features the original 1985 Easter Productions recordings (as the 1986 release is still property of Virgin Records) plus the live album Crash of Light, which was previously released only in the Philippines.

Songs (Stan Brakhage cycle)

The Songs are a cycle of silent color 8mm films by the American experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage produced from 1964 to 1969. They are seen as one of Brakhage's major works and include the feature-length23rd Psalm Branch, considered by some to be one of the filmmaker's masterworks and described by film historian P. Adams Sitney as "an apocalypse of imagination." One of the filmmaker's most overtly political films, 23rd Psalm Branch is often interpreted as being Brakhage's reaction to the Vietnam War.

Songs (Willie Nelson album)

Songs is a 2005 compilation album by country singer Willie Nelson.

Songs (Rotary Connection album)

Songs is the fourth album by the American psychedelic soul group Rotary Connection. The album is unlike all the other Rotary Connections albums as it contained all cover songs. The artists covered include: Otis Redding, The Band, Cream, Muddy Waters, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Stevie Wonder and The Rolling Stones.

Songs (Rusko album)

Songs is the second studio album by the British dubstep musician Rusko. It was released on March 26, 2012 through Mad Decent and contains the singles "Somebody to Love" and "Thunder".

Songs (John Maus album)

Songs is the debut album from the American electronic musician John Maus. It was released on 27 June 2006 by the British label Upset the Rhythm.

Songs (2012 Plácido Domingo album)

Songs is a 2012 popular song album by Plácido Domingo for Sony Classical. Guests on the album include Katherine Jenkins singing " Come What May", Josh Groban in "Sous le ciel de Paris", Susan Boyle, and Harry Connick Jr. in " Time After Time" as well as a duet with his son Plácido Domingo Jr. The orchestra is conducted by Eugene Kohn.

Songs (Matthew Shipp album)

Songs is a solo album by American jazz pianist Matthew Shipp performing popular standards and spirituals, which was recorded in 2001 and released on the Italian Splasc(H) label. "We Free Kings" is a Roland Kirk composition based on the Christmas carol " We Three Kings".

Usage examples of "songs".

I wish the Songs, with the volume of the Scotch Poets, returned as soon as they can conveniently be dispatched.

In addition to the histories of the Wallace and the Bruce, he found, on the shelves of his neighbours, not only whole bodies of divinity, and sermons without limit, but the works of some of the best English, as well as Scottish poets, together with songs and ballads innumerable.

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Complete Works of Robert Burns: Containing his Poems, Songs, and Correspondence.

Title: The Complete Works of Robert Burns: Containing his Poems, Songs, and Correspondence.

The relative indentations of Poems, Epitaphs, and Songs are as printed in the original book.

She whispered me to come to this ancient metropolis of Caledonia, and lay my songs under your honoured protection: I now obey her dictates.

She had, I suppose, the largest collection in the country of tales and songs, concerning devils, ghosts, fairies, brownies, witches, warlocks, spunkies, kelpies, elf-candles, dead-lights, wraiths, apparitions, cantraips, giants, enchanted towers, dragons, and other trumpery.

It is less easy to account for the emission of many songs of high merit which he had among his papers: perhaps he thought those which he selected were sufficient to test the taste of the public.

Musical Museum of Johnson, a work which, amid many imperfections of taste and arrangement, contains more of the true old music and genuine old songs of Scotland, than any other collection with which I am acquainted.

As his heart was much in the matter, he began to pour out verse with a readiness and talent unknown in the history of song: his engagement with Thomson, and his esteem for Johnson, gave birth to a series of songs as brilliant as varied, and as naturally easy as they were gracefully original.

In looking over those very dissimilar collections it is not difficult to discover that the songs which he wrote for the more stately work, while they are more polished and elegant than those which he contributed to the less pretending one, are at the same time less happy in their humour and less simple in their pathos.

Jessie Lewars, two or three songs of gratitude and praise: nor did he forget other beauties, for the accomplished Mrs.

His songs are, in general, pastoral pictures: he seldom finishes a portrait of female beauty without enclosing it in a natural frame-work of waving woods, running streams, the melody of birds, and the lights of heaven.

Those who desire to feel Burns in all his force, must seek some summer glen, when a country girl searches among his many songs for one which sympathizes with her own heart, and gives it full utterance, till wood and vale is filled with the melody.

It is remarkable that the most naturally elegant and truly impassioned songs in our literature were written by a ploughman in honour of the rustic lasses around him.