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n. (plural of rig English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: rig)


RIGS may refer to:

  • Regionally Important Geological Site
  • Ryukyu Islands Girl Scouts
  • RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Usage examples of "rigs".

Paul and I have been setting our rigs and the slack-wire rig and the balance stages ever since.

Then it crossed the sea of grass and bush to the dry region of the desert and came to Bir Oassa where the towers of oil rigs made a newer, metal forest.

Ben had ideas for modifying current rigs and Geoff and Ben had worked together before.

Joshua had studied as much as he could about production rigs and their numerous vulnerabilities.

Of the companies that were so willing to give me every facility I would like to thank, in particular, Trans-Canada Airlines and Canadian Pacific for making it possible for me to travel at will regardless of currency difficulties, and Imperial Oil for giving me the freedom of the new big oilfields of Alberta and going to endless trouble in taking me round their rigs and introducing me to the whole process of drilling.

The walls were lined with photographs - photographs of oil rigs, drilling crews, oil fires, a panorama of snow-covered mountains, horses, cattle, cowhands, chuck wagon races, cattle shows.

He checked both of their harness rigs, blushing a little when he had to explain to Grace that those last two straps went between the legs.

It was the latter responsibility that was pertinent, in that Shop 72 maintained the breathing rigs for sounding-and-security personnel going inside the ships where there was no breathable atmosphere.

During the two months it had taken him to gather the explosives he needed, Joshua had studied as much as he could about production rigs and their numerous vulnerabilities.

Reasonable guess, given the rigs muffled a wide variety of alien shapes into something much less varied than the Iftsen themselves.

Food on polar survey vessels, oil rigs, and research cruises is unexpectedly gourmet in its preparation and necessarily ample in its portions.

Global B-82 was one of the most formidable and technologically advanced oil rigs ever constructed.

He was referring to the myriad of devices that the rigs had available to deflect the ice from possibly destructive collision with the GBS everything from water cannons to reinforced seines, Kevlar rigging, and kegs of dynamite.

As new rigs sought to plumb increasingly hostile environs and older platforms sought to extend their original production cycles, the Villager had become a profitable nursemaid.

The big rigs -- the stupendously oversize vans, the doublewide trailers, the canvas-flapping Omars, the sedans, the commercial flatbeds -- all moved like a herd of animals, in an orderly, coordinated way, our speed about as fast as a person can run.