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n. (plural of log English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: log)

Usage examples of "logs".

Andrews and I hastened off to get our own breakfast, and soon had a half-gallon of strong coffee, and a frying-pan full, of meat cooking over the fire--not one of the beggarly skimped little fires we had crouched over during our months of imprisonment, but a royal, generous fire, fed with logs instead of shavings and splinters, and giving out heat enough to warm a regiment.

The Star Trek Logs are an addition to the world of Star Trek that deserve galaxy-wide praise!

Much more important to Sophie, this fire had reached the glowing rosy stage, with little blue flames dancing on the logs, and placed beside it in the warmest position was a low chair with a cushion on it.

It contained a big stack of logs, and higgledy-piggledy heaps of what seemed to be scrap iron, wheels, buckets, metal sheeting, wire, mounded almost to the tops of the walls.

Then, because the fire looked almost out, she went and put on a couple of logs and raked away some of the ash.

Howl said, cracking the eggs one-handed and tossing the shells among the logs, where Calcifer seemed to be eating them with a lot of snarling and gobbling.

Calcifer was low among his logs, moving uneasily this way and that to avoid drips in the chimney.

Calcifer went to sleep, in the way fires do, sinking among the logs until they were rosy cylinders plated with white ash, with only a hint of blue and green deep underneath.

He knelt down by the hearth and, with enormous care, slid Calcifer back into the grate again and packed the logs back round him.

Sophie looked at Calcifer instead, sleepily flickering among rosy logs with his orange eyes almost shut.

Sophie was trying to explain, without really knowing herself, how one door could open on several different places, when Calcifer surged up from his logs, roaring.

At Ripon in the eighteenth century the chandlers sent their customers large candles on Christmas Eve, and the coopers, logs of wood.

They were washed down by a tincupful of coffee strong enough to tan leather, then came a brier-wood pipeful of fragrant kinnikinnic, and a seat by the ruddy, sparkling fire of aromatic cedar logs, that diffused at once warmth, and spicy, pleasing incense.

The logs and stones had evidently been put there for the use of skirmishers, the boys thought, and in an instant they availed themselves of their shelter.

A quarter of a mile from the railroad we came to a massive palisade of great squared logs standing upright in the ground.