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Burgs (fast-food chain)

Burgs is an Indian fast food chain that mainly serves gourmet burgers including chicken, lamb, fish, prawn, beef and pork, as well as veggie burgers. It also serves ice cream shakes, iced tea, Orangina, B'lue and soft drinks. It is owned by Mumbai-based Sanjay Kilachand. The first Burgs outlet opened on Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai on 22 March 2012. The decor in Burgs's outlets features plastic chairs, tables, bright lighting and colours.

The restaurant's signature burgers are The Burg and The Big Burg. The Big Burg is made of two buffalo tenderloin patties, with béarnaise sauce and caramelized shoe string onions. The Burg is exactly the same, but is made with a single patty. The Times of India described The Big Burg as the company's "equivalent of the Big Mac". Burgs sells some burgers which are compatible with a Jain diet.

Following the opening of the first outlet in Bandra, Burgs opened two more outlets, one each in Mumbai and Pune. Burgs opened its fourth outlet in Carter Road, Bandra on 21 February 2013. A 1200 sq ft outlet, the fourth in Mumbai and fifth overall was opened in R City Mall, Ghatkopar in July 2013. This was Burgs first outlet in a Mumbai mall. The company plans to have 200 stores in India by 2023.

Usage examples of "burgs".

Al Kratzus is one of those neighborhood guys, like my Uncle Moosh, who remember 360 THE LAWS OF OUR FATHERS when this was still three little burgs, not, as the world now sees it, a single megalopolis.

Cloudless was the day, and the air clean and sweet, and every nook and cranny was clear to behold from where they stood: there were great jutting nesses with straight-walled burgs at their top-most, and pyramids and pinnacles that no hand of man had fashioned, and awful clefts like long streets in the city of the giants who wrought the world, and high above all the undying snow that looked as if the sky had come down on to the mountains and they were upholding it as a roof.

Whenever he encountered a warrior overbearing, He broke his burgs and slew him with dire revenge unsparing.

Little burgs like these won't have their own police force until maybe ten or twenty years from now.