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n. (plural of pug English)


Pugs is a compiler and interpreter for the Perl 6 programming language, started on February 1, 2005 by Audrey Tang.

Pugs development is now placed on hiatus, with most Perl 6 implementation efforts now taking place on Rakudo.

Usage examples of "pugs".

As he produced a large cloud of sweet white smoke, Pugs attention wandered to a case of books standing behind the magician.

He was Pugs closest friend, more brother than friend, and for that reason Pug earned some measure of acceptance from the other boys, for they all regarded Tomas as their unofficial leader.

While Martin had shared elvish lore with the boys before, this was the first time in Pugs memory he had spoken of his relationship to the elves.

Martins voice droned on, and Pugs attention wandered, as he again found himself pondering the Choosing.

He now appeared ancientat least to Pugs youthful perspectivebut his eyes betrayed no sign of senility.

Those are very fine clothes, Pug, he said, fingering the expensive material of Pugs red tunic.

He put a taper to the coals still smouldering in Pugs fire pot and lit his pipe.

Kulgan, suddenly aware the magician was not pondering Pugs possible shortcomings but his own.

You are a gifted man, and were I to have been the one to discover Pugs talent, I could not imagine a better teacher to place him with than yourself.

Rulfs greater weight began to tell, and soon he sat astride Pugs chest, driving his fat fists into the smaller boys face.

Blood still ran down Rulfs face from Pugs initial blow as he choked out a sound the Prince took to mean agreement.

Fantus lay on Pugs pallet, red eyes gleaming as the morning sun poured in through the tower window.

Pugs horse had an irritating tendency to want to stop every dozen feet to crop grass or nibble at shrubbery, ignoring Pugs frantic kicks to the side, while the Princesss excellently trained horse responded instantly to the slightest touch of her crop.

Rich odors of cheese and bread assailed Pugs nostrils, and his mouth watered.

It was not Pugs fault any of the afternoons events had taken place, but her often-indulged temper seized on the handiest available object.