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n. (plural of fag English)

Usage examples of "fags".

So I said nothing and just sat there with my mickey snoozing on my thigh smoking fags and reading about Matt and all the saints.

I told him about the gardener and the Black and Tans and the bogmen and their bony arses and being locked in the boilerhouse and puffing fags and talking to the saints and St Teresa.

I told him more then, about the boilerhouse and the fags but he just tapped the leather of his black bag and sucked his teeth saying mm.

I got the fags from behind the bar in the hotel I knew the barman went out to change the barrel at the same time every day.

There was this one in a pink cardigan holding her twenty fags and looking away when she seen me coming.

I bought fags so that I would be able to flip one out for her when I sat back down again.

I said to him have you any fags no he says I do not sell cigarettes we are closing now please.

I did indeed I says and I gave him the thumbs up have a good stay in Bundoran he says I will indeed I called after him the wind was blowing I went into a shop and bought some fags I went down to the beach and smoked a few the sea was dirty and grey like a dishcloth there was a few boats I think there was three I smoked another fag some of the fags I just smoked half of them the others I smoked them all.

I left down the cart for a minute and went in to buy some fags the women were there over by the sugar only without Mrs Connolly.

Then April Elgar entered, followed by Toplady, and she looked at the men as if they were all fags, and at the others, which they were, frowsty frumpish sluts.

One of them mots that do be in the packets of fags Stoer smokes that his old fellow welted hell out of him for one time he found out.

He is taken up by old women of the type batten on young fags, toothless old predators too weak and too slow to run down other prey.

Not many fags play the horses, and those that play lose more than the others, they are lousy gamblers plunge in a losing streak and hedge when they win.

The Huntsmen strut about with imbecile narcissism in black leather jackets and studded belts, flexing their muscles for the fags to feel.

When this happens the Huntsmen roar with bestial laughter, and the fags shriek and twitch.