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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Doing \Do"ing\, n.; pl. Doings. Anything done; a deed; an action good or bad; hence, in the plural, conduct; behavior. See Do.

To render an account of his doings. -- Barrow.


n. 1 regular activities 2 social events 3 (context Australia vulgar dated English) sewage.


n. manner of acting or conducting yourself [syn: behavior, behaviour, conduct]

Usage examples of "doings".

His face, however, was tanned of a dull yellow tint, with a leathery, poreless look, which spoke of rough outdoor doings, and the little pointed beard which he wore, in deference to the prevailing fashion, was streaked and shot with gray.

Could it be that the effects of Dad's doings had already reached the area of Shadow through which I passed?

I figured that it was either Random—irritated that I was back in Amber and had not seem fit to bring him up to date on my most recent doings and my plans—or Luke, recovered now and wanting to request my assistance in his move against the Keep.

Their intelligence service must keep a close eye on doings in and about Kashfa.

She had on a large loose cap with no other strings than those which were wanted of tying it beneath her chin, a cap with which the household and the chaplain were well acquainted, but which seemed ungracious in the eyes of Mr Robarts, after all the well-dressed holiday doings of the last week.

He had talked to the vicar confidentially about the doings of these bigwigs now present at the castle, as though there were no other guests there with whom he could speak in so free a manner.

There was a prestige of success about her doings, and she felt almost confident that her dear son Ludovic must fall in love with Griselda.

Be that as it may, the new bishop bill was to be their first work of government, and it was to be brought forward and carried, and the new prelates selected and put into their chairs all at once,--before the grouse should begin to crow and put an end to the doings of gods as well as giants.

Therefore I have said but little in my narrative of this man's feelings or doings as a clergyman.

I know what I know, and I know we had it all arranged, and you should stick up for your holders, not these weyrfolk and all their queer customs and doings, and I dunno what'll happen to my daughter.

And each evening he faithfully recorded his doings to be returned, often by the same runner.

She was utterly engrossed by the small doings of eating, cleaning and resting.

The dragon lumps on the Hold cliff turned their brilliant lanterns of eyes on the doings below them, rivaling the blazing glow baskets set on high standards about the Gather grounds.

Truth to say, our ears have just been vexed by the doings of the same company, and I have even now made vow to hang the man who held the rank of captain over it.

Ere they had reached their journey's end the knight had learned all that he would know of his men, their doings and their intentions.