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MIGS could mean:

  • Mastercard Internet Gateway Service
  • Metal-induced gap states
  • Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery

Usage examples of "migs".

Then why did I end up with Migs shooting at me and my aircrews so often?

In this case, if we detected VDL, we would know that the Migs were talking to the submarines chasing ours.

Playing out their reactions to the Migs, figuring out how they would handle it themselves.

The lead Tomcat pilot arched in toward the Migs, bearing down on them with the rest of his flight behind him.

Just as they were within short-range-missile distance of the Migs, the Russian aircraft veered away.

The Tomcats followed them, closing on their tails now, in perfect firing position, but the Migs ignored them.

By the time the second section of Hornets launched, there were no more Migs to deal with.

The Migs were inbound without radar, without jamming, without any electronic indication that they were doing anything besides conducting routine training operations.

I glanced forward at our own tactical display, and saw the Migs closing to within weapons range.

The Migs were just at the edge of their firing envelope, although they were still radiating no hostile emissions.

Our own Tomcats and Hornets were poised midway between the carrier and the Migs, in combat spread, waiting and ready.

A little too close for comfort--except for the trailing pair, the Migs were only three hundred feet off our wings.

We may tank, we may take a couple of practice looks at the deck, but whatever it is, we have to keep the Migs away from the ship.

As it stood, we had five Migs still in the air--four, I amended, as I heard Skeeter cry out again the deadly fox two warning.

Still, taking on two Migs with an aircraft in less than optimal condition was not something I thought of as good odds.