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The Collaborative International Dictionary

digs \digs\ n. same as diggings. [Coll.]

Syn: diggings, domiciliation, lodgings, pad.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"lodgings," slang attested from 1893, from dig.


n. 1 (plural of dig English) 2 (context pluralonly colloquial English) lodgings. From diggings. vb. (en-third-person singular of: dig)


n. temporary living quarters [syn: diggings, domiciliation, lodgings, pad]


Digs or DIGS my refer to:

  • Archaeological digs
  • Derby Independent Grammar School
  • JR Digs, Canadian television personality
  • Deputy inspector generals of police (DIGs)

Usage examples of "digs".

But the digs are hard, most difficult on women, and few do attend, though there are those who are remarkable scholars and eager for the digs.

So while your David digs in the desert sands, Lady Margaret will comfortably await him.

But it seems that many treasures have gone missing from digs in the general area of the Giza Plateau.

Brian has told me about digs he has been on when there is no water, none at all, and every drop must be saved for drinking.

Used to the easy camaraderie of camps at fossil digs, he found the atmosphere at dinner appalling.

Bram called Yggdrasil, Jun Davd urged him to close down the digs and return at once.

The peace that had filled his soul on those digs had turned out not to be a survival trait.

The Department of the Interior would no longer halt these digs or return any remains found to the complaining tribes.