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Usage examples of "bungs".

Now, within a few hours of sailing, the bungs would have to be started and the water run into the bilges and pumped out over the side.

They would not be smashed or have their bungs knocked out until the last moment, and many of them rested on piles of spare satis.

From a point fifteen feet away several lengths of slow match stretched along the deck, like a thin octopus, the ends disappearing in the bungholes, where they went down into the powder and were held lightly in position by wooden bungs.

Judging by that note, the person who stole the Horcrux knew Voldemort, and I can't find a shred of evidence that Bungs or Axebanger ever had anything to do with him .

I could see the memory of other lush prisoners, lying bound and helpless in a variety of positions as he fucked them, celebrating his victories in their virgin bungs.

Daniel used the butt of a musket to stove in the bungs of two of the powder kegs.

Sir Owanon said, but others shouted him down, and they began then to quarrel, striking the bungs from other barrels and refilling their cannikins as they emptied.

Trays nearby were heaped high with loaves of white bread, and to the side six tuns of wine awaited only a starting of the bungs.