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n. (plural of trog English)

Usage examples of "trogs".

And mark this: the Trogs, since their defeat by men some two hundred years before, had been confined by law to two solar systems.

Villiers and Fred had bicycles, but Trogs and bicycles are as incompatible as humans and the treadle wheels that Durelians roll down their streets in.

It is a fact that Trogs, unlike humans, are significantly color-coded.

Slyne had buttressed memory with research and now knew Trogs for exactly the uncertain creatures they were.

It may be that the well-known weirdness of Trogs, sufficient in prime to make their restriction reasonable, is a direct result of their form.

He had the principle of examining the papers of Trogs down by heart and he was as convinced as Sir Henry.

Sorgan and the Trog commander had become close friends, and Sorgan offered his assistance in the war the Trogs had been hired to fight.

Ruining the day for Trogs is almost as much fun as having a winning number come up on your dice.

The beach should be covered with crowds of Trogs watching in horror as the only way they could ever return home went up in flames.

When the church Trogs first came ashore, they rounded up all the people who lived in the villages down there and herded them into pens.

Alas, he lost three fine warriors, one hundred and fifty trogs and Travellers, two lieutenants.

A straggled scattering of trogs spread out over many miles passed the eerie message down the line.

He stood on a balcony under the hollow eaves of his house and addressed guests, Travellers, trogs, making no distinction.

I was beginning to build something here and had only my trogs to help me, I found a wolf on the hillside.

The roar and blast of gunfire, too, from a handful of trogs whose learning skills had been able to accommodate weapons.