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n. (plural of sig English)

Usage examples of "sigs".

Keeps us safe from the Sigs and also blocks out all the noise of so many people thinking.

I thought, because the Sigs have put out an APB on both of us through civilian channels.

The Sigs had captured her team and had almost washed her with Zed before another team could get to her.

But a quick calculation of the numbers told him that the Sigs would pour down the hole, and it would become a desperate fight in the dark.

Some of them found themselves blindly pelting for the stairs, keeping the Sigs back with a crush of bodies, others spilled out irresistibly onto the street, providing her and Lew with cover.

She sent a wordless flood of gratitude as she saw two Sigs on the sidewalk.

And then he could elude the Sigs and follow the woman who had turned all their careful plans and procedures into a complete clusterfuck.

Three Sigs were down in heaps of tan trench coat, and the rest were moving into the far end of the pit.

Instead of staying down and cautious, the Sigs were coming straight for the shattered lounge door.

Deborah reported being pinned under heavy fire with Sigs everywhere and half her team wounded.

What if the slime-drenched mindbreaker had inserted some flaw into her, something Sigs could use to track her down like they had last time?

By the time the Sigs got their wits about them, the Society ops would be lost in the urban wilds of Taos, scattering to rendezvous back at Headquarters.