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n. (plural of peg English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: peg)

Usage examples of "pegs".

I want you to whittle some pegs about a foot long, about an inch thick, and I want them peeled.

Wooden pegs in the walls, extra harness all hung, collars on one peg, the rest of the harness on another.

He found the pegs on the sill and put them into the third hole on each side, then let the window fall back down to rest against the pegs.

He looked at the pegs, then out the window, then back at the pegs, for a long time.

They struck their pegs along the ridge, cutting them from the living acacia trees that oozed clear sap from the axe cuts, and they hammered them into the hard earth with the flat of the blade.

There was no gap between their pegs into which another prospector could jump.

Many of them had already driven their claim pegs into the rich surface reefs in which visible gold gleamed in the white Matabeleland sunlight.

Harry shot the lines with his theodolite, and Bazo and Ralph worked behind him with a gang of axe men driving in the pegs and marking the corners with cairns of loose stones.

He stripped off the tunic, now dry, and hung his sandals on the pegs by the door.

The Prince put up his cloak and hat on pegs by the door and went into the small kitchen off of the sitting room.

She had thought at first to have the guide frame possess a slot, to allow the pegs to be driven in during the assembly of the pylon.

Thyatis stepped up onto the edge of the roof and waited for a moment, poised over the thirty-foot drop while the two men at the guide lashed the last set of pegs to the frame.

With it secured, he backed out onto the pylon and began descending it to the garden, using the pegs as hand and footholds.

Then she unwound a rope from her waist, tied it around the lowest pair of pegs, and strung it out as she walked backward to the inner wall.

More interestingly, perhaps, was the fact that Ann Campbell was spread-eagled on her back, her wrists and ankles bound to tent pegs with cord.