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You see empty boxes where you need to type the initial letters you know. You can choose any length of words or specify the exact number of letters in the word using the “plus” and “minus” options located at the side. The result will be a list of words presented in blocks depending on the number of letters. There will be simple words, abbreviated words, syntactic words and independent parts of speech.

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lo'jo lo-ex lo-fi loaba loach loads loafs loaga loake loami loams loamy loand loano loans loape loara loare loasa loath loave lobal loban lobar lobau lobbe lobbo lobby lobec lobed lober lobes lobi- lobie lobio lobir loble lobo- lobon lobor lobos lobov lobus locad local locat locdb locha loche locho lochs lochy locic locie locka locke locks lockt locky loco- locon locos locri locro locum locus lodam lodde loddo loddy loded loden loder lodes lodge lodha lodhi lodin lodja lodki lodla lodna lodno lodos lodro loebs loeil loepa loeri loess loeve loewe loewi loews loewy lofar lofat lofer loffe lofia lofoi lofos lofou lofra lofta lofte lofts lofty logan logar logba loges logfs logge loggy logha loghe logia logic logie logik login logio logis logit logje logko logml logna logny logo- logol logon logos logue logum logyt loham lohan lohar lohas lohho lohia lohio lohit lohja lohma lohme lohna lohne lohra lohri lohsa lohse lohta lohur loial loibl loich loige loike loilo loinc loing loins loipe loire loirs loise loiss loisy loitz lojdy lojer lojki lojze lojzo lokai lokal lokam lokao lokca loken loker lokes loket lokey loki? lokia lokis lokke lokma lokot lokov loksa loksu lokum lokur lokva lokve lokyn lokyr lokys lol'd lolan lolas loled lolei lolif lolim lolis lolla lolli lollo lolls lolly lolme lolol lolos lolth lolti lomac lomak loman lomar lomas lomax lomba lombe lombo lomec lomer lomes lomia lomid lomin lomir lomma lomme lommi lomna lomno lomov lomow lompe lomse lomsk lomut lomza lonad lonan lonap lonar lonas lonau lonay lonch lonco londa londe londi londo loner lones loney longa longb longe longg longi longl longo longs longu lonia lonie lonis lonja lonko lonny lonyo lonys lonza lonzo loobu looby looce looch loock loocv loode looed looer looey loofa looft looge looie looke looks lookt looky loola lools loomb looms loona loone loong looni loons loony looph loops loopt loopy loopz loora loord loore loose loosi loosu loote looth loots looty loove loowe looze lopar lopas lopat lopau loped lopen loper lopes lopez loph- lopha lopid lopik lopit lopon lopou loppa loppi loppy lopra lopsi lopud lopyn loque loquo loral loran lorax loray lorby lorca lorch lorck lorcy lorde lordi lords lordy lorea lored lorel lorem loren loreo lorer lores loret lorey loria loric lorid lorie lorig lorin lorio loris lorke lorki lorks lorma lormi lorna lorne lorom loron loros lorra lorre lorri lorry lorta loruk lorum lorun lorup lorut lorze losal losap losar losce losch losco losed losee losef losel losen loser loses losev losey losha losie losin losku losna losne losno lossa losse lossy lost! loste losth losts losyn lotah lotan lotar lotas lotec lotem loten lotha lothe lotic lotid lotio lotis lotna lotof loton lotor lotos lotow lotrs lotru lotsa lotta lotte lotti lotto lotts lotud lotus lotye lotze louce louch loude loudi louds louer loues louey louga louge lough louhi louie louin louis louit louka louke louki louky loule louna lound loune lount louny loupe loups lour. lourd loure louri louro lours loury lousa louse loush louss loust lousy louth louts louty louye louze louzy lov'd lovai loval lovan lovas lovat lovca lovce lovci love! love? lovea loved lovee loveh loven lover loves lovet lovex lovey lovie lovin lovis lovoa lovre lovro lowan lowca lowce lowde lowed lower lowes lowey lowgh lowie lowii lowin lowiq lowis lowke lowks lowly lowme lownd lowne lowno lowpe lowph lowre lowry lowse lowss lowte lowth lowyn lowys lowzu loxes loxia loxic loxo- loyal loyat loyer loyew loyno loyse loyte lozal lozan lozay lozec lozel lozen lozin lozio lozki lozna lozno lozon lozza lozzi

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