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Lorin is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Lorin Blodget (1823–1901), American physicist and writer
  • Lorin C. Woolley (1856–1934), Mormon fundamentalist leader and a proponent of plural marriage
  • Lorin F. Wheelwright (1909–1987), American Latter-day Saint hymnwriter, composer, musical instructor and educator
  • Lorin Farr (1820–1909), Mormon pioneer and the first mayor of Ogden, Utah
  • Lorin Maazel (1930–2014), conductor, violinist and composer
  • Lorin Solon (1892–1967), All-American football player
  • René Lorin (1877–1933), inventor of the ramjet (patented in 1908)

Usage examples of "lorin".

Young Dake Lorin who had been his assistant, his husky right arm during the long year of cautious dickering.

Dake Lorin had exerted himself to be charming, to make a friend of this Smith.

Dake Lorin felt the tingling tension in all his muscles, felt the uprush of the black crazy anger that was his greatest curse.

Times-News offices the following morning, Dake Lorin was slowly and uneasily passed up the ladder from managing editor to assistant publisher, to publisher.

She hailed a cab, settled back in the seat beside Lorin, giving him a mechanical sultry smile, crossing her round brown legs.

There was a split second of release in which Lorin stirred and made a faint sigh, almost a moan.

Keep Shard concentrating on Lorin and maybe Fahdi can go the way of most dictators.

Do you, Dake Lorin, agree in heart, mind, and spirit with the eternal obligation of Earth, the planet of your origin, to provide leadership for Empire?

Olasko, Salmater, Miskalon, Roskalon, Maladon and Semrick, Far Lorin, and Aranor all have claims to part or all of those lands.

When Minna descended from the train, at Lorin on the other side of the Bay, she found that the place was one of those suburban towns, not yet become fashionable, such as may be seen beyond the outskirts of any large American city.

Lurie from her Pulitzer Prize winning Foreign Affairs and her wonderful exploration of a young artist in The Truth About Lorin Jones.

Federation we are now facing is not the same one which came to Darkover during the time of Lorin Hastur, and we should not delude ourselves that it is.

On the way down he gave me a most interesting account of the endowment of this institution by the late Lorin Jenks, to whose discriminating philanthropy the world owes a charity that is not less novel in its conception than noble and practical in its aim.

He saw a dozen Dake Lorins bursting from the door, running in all directions, and he screamed as he ran, screamed and looked back over his shoulder as he screamed, saw the red-haired one stand on the sidewalk and then topple as someone dived against his legs.

But you will find it still on the tax rolls, Lorins, if you take the trouble to look.