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Lorre may refer to:

  • 5438 Lorre, main-belt asteroid
  • Chuck Lorre (born 1952), American writer, director, producer and composer
  • Inger Lorre (born 1963). American singer
  • Peter Lorre (1904–1964), Austrian-American actor

Usage examples of "lorre".

His eyes now resembled those of the late great Peter Lorre and his face was a most distressing shade of beetroot red.

She painted oils of baby flowers, made collages of burnt plastic dolls in wire cages, had posters of Peter Lorre and Sidney Greenstreet in the kitchen, and had drawings of the best twelve ways to fuck in the toilet.

Since leaving Beta Scuti XI he had replayed the first sixteen Super Bowls and rewritten every Sydney Greenstreet/Peter Lorre movie he could remember, and was just about to mentally referee a three-way shootout between Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele, and Clint Eastwood (to even things up a bit, he had decided to make Eastwood wear a patch over his left eye), when suddenly the robot pilot applied the ship's braking mechanisms.