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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in the computer sense, as one word, by 1983, from log in.


n. 1 (context computing English) A combination of a user's identification and password used to enter a computer, program, network, etc. 2 (context computing English) The process of logging in. vb. (misspelling of log in English)

Login (disambiguation)

Login refers to the process by which a user accesses to a computer system or other restricted area, or the credentials required during that process.

Login may also refer to:

  • Magazines:
    • LOGiN, published by Enterbrain
    • ;login:, published by USENIX
  • Login, Carmarthenshire, an hamlet in Wales
  • Login Geiden (1772–1850), Dutch admiral who commanded a squadron of the Imperial Russian Navy in the Battle of Navarino (1827)
  • Login, slang for logging
  • Login (film), a 2012 Hindi film

In computer security, logging in, (or logging on or signing in or signing on), is the process by which an individual gains access to a computer system by identifying and authenticating themselves. The user credentials are typically some form of "username" and a matching "password", and these credentials themselves are sometimes referred to as a login, (or a logon or a sign in or a sign on). In practice, modern secure systems also often require a second factor for extra security.

When access is no longer needed, the user can log out (log off, sign out or sign off).

Login (film)

Login is a 2012 Indian suspense thriller film directed by Sanjeev Reddy. The project is produced by Cocktail Pictures, and stars Himanshu Bhatt, Radhika Roy, Akkash Basnet, Rashmi Gautam, Nandini Rai, Siddarth Chopra, KK Binojee. The soundtrack is composed by Sunil Kashyap along with lyrics by KK Binojee. Login released on 12 October 2012.

Usage examples of "login".

If the username does not correspond to one in the local database, login proceeds with the methods configured with other aaa commands (such as aaa authentication login).

This allows for users to have login scripts, personalized desktops, etc etc.

But if I hold down the Alt key and then hit the F2 function button at the top of my keyboard, I am presented with a fresh, blank, black screen with a login prompt at the top of it.

When it comes to login attempt failures, the administrator account IS NEVER locked out after a certain number of login attempts (this rule ALWAYS applies), also by default, when windows NT is installed, NONE of the accounts have fail login attempt lock out.

Most systems have separate programs to handle file transfers, remote terminal logins, mail, etc.

Note that ARAP guest logins are disabled by default when you enable AAA/TACACS+.

To allow guest logins, you must use either the guest or auth-guest method listed in Table 1.

Use the no form of this command to either disable TACACS+ authentication for logins or to return to the default.

It may well have a firewall that rejects attempted logins from anyone who telnets in from a host that is not on its approved list.

Within a few years, all ISPs that have a clue will require ssh logins to shell accounts.

The aurochs was avier than Whinney, and it was a strain, but with only logins, and most of the weight borne by the poles resting the load was manageable.

He struggled to recall all the words to the theme song from a CBC sitcom he'd watched as a kid, and then his comm went into a full-on churn as it laboriously re-ciphered all of his stored files with the new key, leaving Art to login while he waited.