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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Loire \Loire\ prop. n. a French river which flows into the North Atlantic.

Syn: Loire River.

Loire (department)

Loire (; ; ) is a department in the east-central part of France occupying the River Loire's upper reaches.


The Loire is the longest river in France. With a length of , it drains an area of , or more than a fifth of France's land area, and is the 171st longest river in the world.

It rises in the highlands of the southeastern quarter of the Massif Central in the Cévennes range (in the department of Ardèche) at near Mont Gerbier de Jonc; it flows north for over through Nevers to Orléans, then west through Tours and Nantes until it reaches the Bay of Biscay ( Atlantic Ocean) at St Nazaire. Its main tributaries include the rivers Nièvre, Maine and the Erdre on its right bank, and the rivers Allier, Cher, Indre, Vienne, and the Sèvre Nantaise to the left bank.

The Loire gives its name to six departments: Loire, Haute-Loire, Loire-Atlantique, Indre-et-Loire, Maine-et-Loire, and Saône-et-Loire. The central part of the Loire Valley, located in the Centre region, was added to the World Heritage Sites list of UNESCO on December 2, 2000. Vineyards and chateaux are found along the banks of the river throughout this area.

The human history of the Loire river valley begins with the Middle Palaeolithic period of 9040 kya (thousand years ago), followed by modern humans (about 30 kya), succeeded by the Neolithic period (6,000 to 4,500 BC), all of the recent Stone Age in Europe. Then came the Gauls, the historical tribes in the Loire during the Iron Age period 1500 to 500 BC; they used the Loire as a major riverine trading route by 600 BC, establishing trade with the Greeks on the Mediterranean coast. Gallic rule ended in the valley in 56 BC when Julius Caesar conquered the adjacent provinces for Rome. Christianity was introduced into this valley from the 3rd century AD, as missionaries (many later recognized as saints), converted the pagans. In this period, settlers established vineyards and began producing wines.

The Loire Valley has been called the "Garden of France" and is studded with over a thousand châteaux, each with distinct architectural embellishments covering a wide range of variations, from the early medieval to the late Renaissance periods. They were originally created as feudal strongholds, over centuries past, in the strategic divide between southern and northern France; now many are privately owned.

Loire (disambiguation)

Loire is a river in east-central France.

Loire may also refer to:

Loire (Lori Cotler)

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Usage examples of "loire".

THE LORD OF CHATEAU NOIR It was in the days when the German armies had broken their way across France, and when the shattered forces of the young Republic had been swept away to the north of the Aisne and to the south of the Loire.

Loire, with his uniform and his epaulets, there was everything to apprehend.

In one of the Lozère districts, composed of five cantons, of which one produces an extra quantity of rye, the people live on requisitions imposed on Gard and the Upper Loire.

And a great deal of newspaper space and wall space was given to cheer the Parisians with the ringing war cry of General Antoine Chanzy, who was feverishly organizing a new Army of the Loire at Orléans: "The boches have only Paris.

At Paris, in the Aisne, in Haute-Loire, in Ille-et-Vilaine, in Maine-et- Loire, it excludes as unworthy the members of old Feuillants and monarchical clubs, and the signers of Constitutionalist protests.

He was casually inspecting a chart showing the entrance to the Loire River, on which Nantes stood, when it oc­curred to him that at that moment he was only a short sail south of England, and he began to see the pleasant images that name evoked: his English wife, his daughter, the honest men at Fithians, the serenity.

In which expectation they were much aided, from the circumstance that the Loire had swollen to such a degree from the melting of the snows, that it did not seem capable of being forded at all.

His next paradise was a chateau on the Loire, where I understand the Mayans refined the science of haute cuisine to an art before they, too, eventually died.

When they came to the river Loire, which separates the Bituriges from the Aedui, they delayed a few days there, and, not daring to pass the river, return home, and send back word to the lieutenants that they had returned through fear of the treachery of the Bituriges, who, they ascertained, had formed this design, that if the Aedui should cross the river, the Bituriges on the one side, and the Arverni on the other, should surround them.

Andre-Louis Moreau, deputy suppleant, vice Emmanuel Lagron, deceased, for Ancenis in the Department of the Loire.