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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Los \Los\, n. Praise. See Loos. [Obs.]


LOS, or Los, or LoS may refer to:

Los (Blake)

In the mythological writings of William Blake, Los is the fallen (earthly or human) form of Urthona, one of the four Zoas. He is referred to as the "eternal prophet" and creates the visionary city of Golgonooza. Los is regularly described as a smith, beating with his hammer on a forge, which is metaphorically connected to the beating of the human heart. The bellows of his forge are the human lungs. Los's emanation, Enitharmon, represents spiritual beauty and embodies pity, but at the same time creates the spatial aspect of the fallen world, weaving bodies for men and creating sexual strife through her insistence upon chastity. In the Book of Urizen (1794), Los and Enitharmon have the child, Orc, who is the embodiment of the spirit of revolution. It is of interest to note that the name 'Los' is, by common critical acceptance, an anagram of 'Sol', the Latin word for 'sun'. Such innovations are common in many of Blake's prophetic poems.

Los (band)

Los was a British indie rock band, formed and based in Surrey. As of 2008, the band comprises Helen Sargent (vocals and synth), Daniel Hale (drums) and Chris Hamilton (guitars). Their distinctive sound had been described as a mixture of rock, punk, blues and grunge, citing influences such as Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Nina Simone. The band have toured the UK and released two singles in 2008. They toured the UK four more times in 2009 before recording their debut five track E.P 'Whale' released in late 2009, which was play listed on BBC Radio 6 Music and XFM Radio and achieved 9/10 in the November 2009 issue of Rocksound Magazine. BBC Radio 6 Music's Tom Robinson described 'Ba Ba Ba' as 'Quite Brilliant' on his Twitter page before inviting the band in for a live radio interview. The band changed their name to That Mouth in May 2011 after clashes on iTunes with an American rapper going by the same name. It was officially announced on 25 September 2011 that after the release of their full length debut album 'Sometimes I feel like I've lost my soul' on limited edition 12" vinyl on 10 October 2011, the band would be parting ways to pursue other musical projects.

Los (rapper)

Carlos Coleman (born March 23, 1982) is an American rapper, singer, and record producer, better known by his stage nameLos or King Los. Los has released various mixtapes during his career including The Crown Ain't Safe and Becoming King to critical acclaim. He originally signed to Bad Boy Records during the 2005 in conjunction with his Bloc Incorporated record deal. After his deal fell through when Bloc folded, he returned to releasing music independently. Los signed to Diddy's Bad Boy Records again in February 2012, which is now distributed by Interscope Records. However, on March 19, 2014, he would announce that he was again leaving Bad Boy and Interscope. He is currently signed to After Platinum, 88 Classic and RCA.

Usage examples of "los".

Wenn die Quellenkritik so verstanden wird, als sei sie der Nachweis, wie ein Autor den andern benutzt hat, so ist das nur ein gelgentliches Mitte--eins unter anderen--ihr Aufgabe, den Nachweis der Richtigkeit zu losen oder vorzubereiten.

There now he liueth in eternall blis,Ioying his goddesse, and of her enioyd:Ne feareth he henceforth that foe of his,Which with his cruell tuske him deadly cloyd:For that wilde Bore, the which him once annoyd,She firmely hath emprisoned for ay,That her sweet loue his malice mote auoyd,In a strong rocky Caue, which is they say,Hewen vnderneath that Mount, that none him losen may.