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n. (plural of loom English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: loom)

Usage examples of "looms".

With our servingman Autgar, he built two new looms and added on a wool room, as well as shelves and beds for the household, and other small projects.

Dorren was a White Deer man from Old Fort who had been chosen as a Walking One of the White Deer tribe, those who traveled the stone looms to learn the speech of their allies.

She saw the human sorcerers standing within their stone looms and weaving a spell greater than any spell known before on Earth.

If the Cursed Ones have unraveled the secret of the looms, then no person who walks the looms will be safe frorn them.

This the looms demanded: you could never predict how many days or even months each crossing would take.

And it is so dangerous now to walk the looms, if the Cursed Ones stalk us.

Through these triangles, in the manner of threads of starlight woven through the stone looms, six women wove an intricate cloth out of blue, purple, and crimson threads.

It may only seem to us that they travel through the looms, when perhaps they cloak themselves in other magic that we do not understand.

Adica had told him that time passed differently when one walked the looms, but how could that happen when only a pair of days had gone by?

But each loom, when woven with the living threads of the stars, made a gateway that linked it to all of the other looms, a gateway that might lead east and south on one night, depending on the configuration of the stars, and north and west another.

He repairs broken looms and checks others to make sure the cloth is weaving properly.