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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"coarse woolen cloth," 1880, from German loden "thick woolen cloth."


a. Of a dark green colour, like that of loden cloth. n. 1 A thick waterproof cloth used for garments. 2 A dark green colour, like that of loden cloth.


Loden may refer to:

  • Loden cape, water-resistant material (usually green) in Austrian traditional clothing made from sheep's wool, without removing the lanolin
  • Loden green, greyish green color typical of Bavarian loden garments
  • the Loden, artifact in the Shannara series
Loden (musician)

Jolan Koks, better known by his stage nameLoden, is an electronic music producer based in Brussels, Belgium.

Usage examples of "loden".

Frau Egger a good cloak: brown loden cloth edged with braid in a darker tone, and frogging.

But when, possibly in order to put on water for coffee, he concentrates his spherical energies and tries to break through the circle of loden capes and pulled-down caps, he receives an answer: a bare, dry, unmasked fist: he falls back with his matted wool, pops quickly up again, begins to brush off the snow that is clinging to him.

Well, it was actually constructed of stone by hand labor first, but the magic that protects it came out of the Loden.

The only magic left then is that which comes from the Loden and protects what is carried within.

King Loden looked about the table for affirmation and received nods from Chieftain Gara, DelfLord Borl, and Coron Ruar.

Along the way they saw groups of young people in national dress, the boys in lederhosen and feathered loden hats, the girls in dirndls, who waved and called greetings as the two big motor cars sped past.

I'd be wearing my long Loden wool coat I got at the Salvation Army in town and he'd be wearing his leather jacket with the tacky fur trim that had a surprising amount of pocket room and we'd pass through the checkout line without any hassling, my coat and his jacket weighed down with cigarettes, bottles of wine, Ha'agen Dazs ice cream, shampoo, and he would stop, just to be daring, and buy one piece of Bazooka gum.

The rest of my year abroad was done via a Cracow fiberboard suitcase, Polish suit and shoes, and a loden coat I bought at the Vienna flea market for four dollars.

Loden owned a string of funeral parlors, and Cora not only inherited those, but the rest of his estate, which was valued at a million dollars and inĀ­.

And they came to an opening between two bluffs, and here Loden signed for all to stop and he whistled as would a meadow lark.

If the bank had kept any previous correspondence from Loden Galsworthy, it might be noted that the typeface, the writing paper, and the fountain pen nib were all a match.

The sole remaining Troll yet battled Chakka, and Grg closed in to aid him, just as shouting Prince Loden and the yawling Daelsmen rounded the flank of the Horde and thundered in among the foe, swords reaving and lances piercing, to be met by blade in kind.