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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Loach \Loach\ (l[=o]ch), n. [OE. loche, F. loche.] (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several small, fresh-water, cyprinoid fishes of the genera Cobitis, Nemachilus, and allied genera, having six or more barbules around the mouth. They are found in Europe and Asia. The common European species ( Nemachilus barbatulus) is used as a food fish.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

small edible European fish, mid-14c., from Old French loche (13c.), also, in dialect, "slug," of unknown origin (see discussion in Gamillscheg).


n. 1 A bottom-feeding freshwater fish in the superfamily Cobitoidea. 2 # The (vern true loach pedia=1), of the family ''(taxlink Cobitidae family noshow=1)''. 3 # A similar fish in one of three other families of Cypriniformes: ''(taxlink Botiidae family noshow=1)'', ''(taxlink Balitoridae family noshow=1)'', and ''(taxlink Gyrinocheilidae family noshow=1)''.


n. slender freshwater fishes of Eurasia and Africa resembling catfishes

Loach (disambiguation)

Loach may refer to:

  • Loaches, fish families in the Cypriniformes:
    • Cobitidae, the "true" loaches – formerly all loaches were united in this family
    • Botiidae, includes many common aquarium loaches such as the clown loach; separated from Cobitidae in 2012
    • Balitoridae, the hillstream loaches – closely related to Cobitidae
    • Gastromyzontidae; closely related to Cobitidae
    • Gyrinocheilidae, the sucking loaches – a monotypic and less closely related family
    • Nemacheilidae, the stone loaches – closely related to Cobitidae
    • Serpenticobitidae, the serpent loaches – a monotypic family, closely related to Cobitidae
  • Ken Loach (born 1936), English film director
  • Scott Loach (born 1988), English footballer
  • "Loach", colloquial name of the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse military helicopter

Usage examples of "loach".

The then-skinny Eliot Kornspan, before Loach and Freer got hold of him.

Eschaton free-for-all and serious Lord-, Ingersoll-, and Penn-injuries, both trainer Barry Loach and prorector Rik Dunkel having told Avril, and Schtitt to be told by whichever of Nwangi and deLint first works up the pluck, and the issue of telling Tavis being as would be S.

Barry Loach was understandably way out his depth on the theological turf of like Apologia and the redeemability of man though he was able to relieve a slight hitch in the brother's toss that was stressing his card-throwing arm's flexor carpi ulnaris muscle and so to up the brother's card-in-wastebasket percentage significantly but he was not only desperate to preserve his mother's dream and his own indirectly athletic ambitions at the same time, he was actually rather a spiritually upbeat guy who just didn't buy the brother's sudden despair at the apparent absence of compassion and warmth in God's supposed self-mimetic and divine creation, and he managed to engage the brother in some rather heated and high-level debates on spirituality and the soul's potential, not that much unlike Alyosha and Ivan's conversations in the good old Brothers K.

It's possible that the respectable citizenry with their bookbags and cellulars and dogs with little red sweater-vests thought that sticking one's hand way out and crying 'Touch me, just touch me, please' was some kind of new stem-type argot for 'Lay some change on me,' because Barry Loach found himself hauling in a rather impressive daily total of $ significantly more than he was earning at his work-study job wrapping ankles and sterilizing dental prostheses for Boston College lacrosse players.

Behind it, servants brought poached trout and loach, a broth of bacon and onions, a tile of chicken and pork in a spicy sauce and garnished with whole almonds and crayfish, pastries filled with goose liver or fish roe or the flaked flesh of bream or eels, and at last a monstrous caldron of blamangershredded chicken and whole barley grains simmered to a consistency of library paste in almond milk with salt and honey and anise and garnished with fried almonds.