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Lonar is a meteorite crater created in an impact about 50,000 years before present. It contains and is known for the salt water crater lake 1.8 km in diameter. The lake is almost perfectly circular. Its depth is almost 200 feet.

The nearby town of Lonar gets its name from this lake. This is a municipal council in Buldhana district of the division of Buldhana of the region of Vidarbha in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The town is a taluka of the district of Buldhana and is located near Mehkar. It is known for Lonar crater and Lonar Lake, which is located at . A 12-inch fresh water stream provides water into the lake. Due to evaporite effects, the lake is mineral rich and salty. Lonar is situated around 360 km from Nagpur, around 100 km from Buldhana, around 100 km from Akola, 550 km from Mumbai, around 160 km from Aurangabad and around 140 km southeast of the Ajanta Caves, about 4½ hours drive via Buldhana.