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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Are you not well, lovey?
▪ But, lovey, that's no great crime.
▪ He was careless, true, but that's not murder, that's manslaughter, lovey.
▪ There are consequences, lovey, didn't Sartori tell you that?
▪ We all do, lovey, we all do.
▪ You'd better tell me before you run out of breath, lovey.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

affectionate pet name, 1731, from love (n.) + -y (3). Extended form lovey-dovey attested from 1819 (n.), 1847 (adj.).


n. 1 (context UK English) (non-gloss definition: An informal mode of address (associated most often with actors and the like).) 2 A baby's toy, blanket, or other object of affection


Lovey may refer to:

  • a child's transitional object
  • Eunice "Lovey" Howell, a television character
  • Lovey (album), an album by the Lemonheads
Lovey (album)

Lovey is the fourth studio album by the alternative rock band The Lemonheads. It was released in 1990 on Atlantic Records. The album was the group's first for the record company, and was the last with founding member Jesse Peretz, who would leave the band to pursue a career in photography and filmmaking The other founding member, Ben Deily, had left following their previous album, Lick.

Lovey (singer)

Kim Hye-soo (Korean: 김혜수) (born June 27, 1993), better known as Lovey (Korean: 러비), is a South Korean singer-songwriter. Debuted in 2013, she is currently signed under Starship Entertainment since 2016. She has an elder brother who is also a singer-songwriter, Brother Su.

Usage examples of "lovey".

Margaret Cameron and her father, Lovey had ceased to ask questions, but had followed their every movement with widely questioning eyes.

Cameron, sur, I knows ter ther full you means well ter Lovey all right.

Margaret Palmer, had some weeks back sent the child Lovey to be educated.

Boshy to be near his Lovey, but gradually he began to probe for her accomplishments.

I know that, lovey, but showing fear only lets the enemy know you can be rattled.

But he, good man, after remembering Lovey in his prayers, was laid asleep and snoring within his hut, a bowshot away.

Mulvey plump bubs me breadvan Winkle red slippers she rusty sleep wander years of dreams return tail end Agendath swoony lovey showed me her next year in drawers return next in her next her next.

Lovey, that these lambs ov Gord in this towen must play putty well ther same games as ther lambs in ther Bush.

It was to be hoped that Loveys would be kept unemployed for a long while yet.

The wound burst, and Mr Loveys found another splinter of metal and some more cloth with his forceps.

He thought he saw Loveys watching him from a companion, probably cursing him for not heeding his warning.