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Lowy (also spelled Löwy or Lőwy) is a surname of Jewish origin. It may refer to:

  • Benjamin Lowy (born 1979), American photographer
  • Dóra Lőwy (born 1977), Hungarian handball player
  • Douglas R. Lowy (born 1942), American doctor
  • Emanuel Löwy (1857–1938), Austrian archaeologist
  • Frank Lowy (born 1930), Australian businessman
  • Frederick Lowy (born 1933), Canadian educator
  • Isaac Lowy (1793–1847), Hungarian businessman
  • Meshulim Feish Lowy (1921–2015), Hungarian rabbi
  • Michael Löwy (born 1938), Brazilian sociologist
  • Otto Lowy (1921–2002), Canadian actor and radio host
  • Slavko Löwy (1904–1996), Croatian architect
  • Steven Lowy (born 1962), Australian businessman
  • Yitzchak Lowy (1887–1942), Polish actor

Usage examples of "lowy".

As Marjorie had prophesied, there was a long line of carriages waiting to set their passengers down before Lowy House.