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n. (contraction of lot of English)


Lotta may refer to:

  • Lotta, a diminutive of Charlotte (given name)
  • Lotta, a character from Enid Blyton's The Circus Series
  • Lotta, a 1992 character from Astrid Lindgren's children's books
  • Lotta, a character from the children's series Charlie and Lola
  • Little Lotta, the title character of the Little Lotta comic series
  • Lotta Falkenbäck (born 1959), Swedish skater
  • Lotta Hintsa (born 1988), Finnish beauty queen
  • Lotta Svärd A Finnish paramilitary organization of World War II
  • Lotta Triven, pseudonym of Charlotta Frölich
  • Lutto (river), Russian name Лотта and Norwegian name Lotta

Usage examples of "lotta".

He spent a day in Landfall with Lotta, shopping for civilian clothes, then six days with his parents.

Which was fortunate for us as well as the prisoners, because Lotta had Ostrak operators sent there, who questioned them at length in an Ostrak revery.

He looked better than he had a few minutes earlier, but Lotta wondered what his dreams would be like when next he slept.

At about 4:30 Lotta called back, and arrived just before five, popping over in her four-place floater.

Dys Hualuun Monastery, Lotta had commonly slept on a sack of dried grass laid out on the roof of a tower.

When the woman had finished, she again held the water glass for Lotta, who emptied it in two installments.

It seemed to Artus that Lotta would get in touch with him psychically if she could.

Which according to Lotta means you were probably born to do important things, good or bad.

That should put his attention on it, and you may get a fix on where Lotta is.

Whatever drug they had Lotta on bounced whoever tried to meld with her.

It was early dusk when she led Lotta out the back door, and west across a pasture toward a woods.

Perhaps Lotta would recover enough from the drug that something could be learned from her.

For the most part Lotta slept, occasionally rising into a vague self-awareness.

Meanwhile, working under Lotta appealed to both her pragmatic and adventurous streaks.

She hoped and intended that Lotta would be recovered unharmed, but meanwhile there was work to do.