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a. Of a dusty green-blue colour. n. A dusty green-blue colour.


Lovat may refer to:

  • A colour of Scottish tweed
  • River Lovat, a river in England
  • Lovat River, a river in Russia
  • Lord Lovat, a title in the Peerage of Scotland
  • Lovat Scouts, British Army unit
  • Lovat Shinty Club, a shinty club from Kiltarlity, Scotland
  • LOVAT Inc., a Canadian company which manufactures and markets tunnel boring machines (TBMs)

Usage examples of "lovat".

Then, just before the hour of tierce, the great lairdsMoray, Lovat, Ayr, Midlothian, Aberdeen, Ross, Angus, Banff, Argyll and Berwickappeared in company with the Lord Marshal, James Stewart, to announce that King Alexander had died of his wounds in the night, as, too, had Cardinal de Mandojana.

The late Lord Lovat had been notorious for the deviousness of his mind, but I couldn't quite see the benefit in planning to have his head chopped off, and said so -Jamie smiled, despite the seriousness of the discussion.

Chapter VI - UMQUILE THE MASTER OF LOVAT THERE was a man waiting us in Prestongrange's study, whom I distasted at the first look, as we distaste a ferret or an earwig.

I'm Commander Lovat, the Exec. The Commodore asked me to escort you to his briefing room.

For that matter, what do we do if White Haven decides to bypass Lovat and go straight for Haven?