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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Loren \Lor"en\, obs. strong p. p. of Lose.


Loren is a personal name for both males and females and may refer to:

Loren (disambiguation)

Loren is both a given name and surname.

Loren or Løren may also refer to:

  • Loren (kickboxer) (born 1984), Spanish kickboxer
  • Loren Bridge, Russian Bridge
  • Loren Cass, 2006 American film
  • Løren Line, Norwegian 1.6-kilometer (1.0 mi) line of the Oslo Metro
  • Løren (station), Norwegian underground rapid transit station of the Oslo Metro

Usage examples of "loren".

I, like most young women, turned to the fabulousness of Diana Ross, Tina Turner, and Sophia Loren.

How could Mordell, the only vampire in England who could possibly rival Loren Matthews, be afraid of a pair of brothers?

Loren thought for a brief moment to take her before they left the ship, but time was of the essence if they were to get to Mordell while he was conducting his ritual.

Edward Avery, Toyo Biddle, Loren Bussert, Yee Chang, Eric Crystal, Paul DeLay, Timothy Dunnigan, Francesca Farr, Tim Gordon, Glenn Hendricks, Marc Kaufman, Sue Levy, Blia Yao Moua, Dang Moua, Ron Munger, George Schreider, Peter Vang, Jonas Vangay, Doug Vincent, John Xiong, and May Ying Xiong provided helpful background information.

I yelled to Loren to get the antivenin out of the drawer in back, lost his reply as the dizziness and confusion hit me.

It was not a sportsmanlike weapon, but the creatures of Loren Two were not sportsmanlike antagonists.

The pirates waiting trial, or release, on Manaos had been members of the privateer commissioned by Loren.

It was a little smaller than Manaos, and a little larger than Sira, and very nearly the same as Loren.

Chamisaville state personnel, Loren McKay and Buddy Namath, who added nothing to the plethora of noninformation he already had.

   Between bites of the chiliburger Loren asked, "You seem convinced that Hunt's river flows into the Sea of Cortez.

Never married, he had come close during a long-running relationship with Congresswoman Loren Smith, but their lives were too complicated.

He wondered if Congresswoman Loren Smith, his current lady love, would meet him after the plane landed, as she did so often.

I have reason to believe he is accountable for the explosion that burned and sank the Leonin Andreyev, and the kidnapping of Congresswoman Loren Smith.

Extreme measures that Senator Diaz and Congresswoman Loren Smith are proposing over at the Capitol as we speak.

To his left were the cut-outs through which they had shone their swords of light and projected their larger-than-life shadows: Gregory Peck and Kirk Douglas, Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield, a young Paul Newman hustling pool, an old but still vital Bette Davis torturing her wheel-chair-bound sister.