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n. 1 (context informal English) (abbreviation of lolita English) 2 (context informal English) (abbreviation of lolicon English)


Loli may refer to:

  • Lolicon, a slang word for the phrase "Lolita complex".
  • Lolita fashion, a fashion subculture originating in Japan
    • Gothic lolita, also known as gothloli or loli-goth, a subgenre of lolita fashion
  • LOLI Database (list of lists), an international chemical regulatory database

Usage examples of "loli".

At least the job kept Loli silently occupied, listening and watching as Locklear got on with the business of talking with Ruth.

For one thing, he learned that Loli was a chronic pain in the backside.

A few minutes of miming showed that she had promised to make some kind of dessert, if Loli could find a beehive for honey.

He had told Loli about the kzinti, and now he warned her that they might be near, and saw her coltish legs flash into the forest as he sent the scooter scudding close to the ground toward the heights where his lifeboat was hidden.

He lay in the room he had built for Loli, Soichiro Lee kneeling beside him, while Ruth and Gimp huddled as far as they could get into a corner.

Mul Garner squeezed off a round of double-aught buckshot toward the bam as Loli, nearly a hundred meters away, saw Jer fire that single round.