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Lom or LOM may refer to:

Lom (river)

The Lom (, ) is a river in northwestern Bulgaria, a right tributary of the Danube flowing into it 1 km east of the town of Lom.

The river takes its source from the foot of Midzhur (2,168 m), the highest peak of western Stara Planina, on the Bulgarian- Serbian border, and mainly flows northeast until its upper course, where it heads north. It passes the villages of Gorni Lom, Dolni Lom, Sredogriv, Falkovets, Ruzhintsi, Drazhintsi, Belo Pole, Roglets, Drenovets, Topolovets, Knyazheva Mahala, Kriva Bara, Vasilovtsi, Staliyska Mahala, Traykovo, as well as three quarters of the town of Lom: Momin Brod, Dalgoshevtsi and Golintsi.

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Lom (Most District)

Lom is a town in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. According to the 2006 census, its population is 3,764.

Lom (Strakonice District)

Lom is a village and municipality ( obec) in Strakonice District in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic.

The municipality covers an area of , and has a population of 122 (as at 28 August 2006).

Lom lies approximately north of Strakonice, north-west of České Budějovice, and south-west of Prague.

Lom (album)

Lom is the sixth studio album by Bosnian- Serbian pop-folk recording artist Seka Aleksić. It was released 2 May 2012 through the record label Grand Production.

Usage examples of "lom".

When we came unwillingly to Lom, where rules the Emperor, my lady went to wait upon the old Empress.

And in Lom a young expert in such matters, Melkolf, first got the ear of Berthal and then the Councillor Urswic.

You shall accompany me to Lom as Arluth, within the disguise we have already devised.

I shall do: My party will carry you under their approval into Lom, into the palace.

The equipment housed there was in startling contrast to the medieval appearance of the rest of Lom Palace.

Ramsay might have been the one person above all now in Lom whom she was wishful to see.

He paused to snatch it up: that disguise might be needed again, especially in Lom, where his present face was a liability.

When he dies, I have still a place in Lom, but I cannot command such power.

However, if Lom had a police force of any kind, no such officer was present.

I am not Kaskar, and if I am one who had to flee Lom because I wear a face like unto his, is that any fault of mine?

They had set him up for death while masked, had warned him over and over against the folly of showing his face in Lom, even in Ulad.

The tunic bore on the breast that Eagle emblem that had been widely in evidence in Lom Palace.

In fact, doubtless some of you were in attendance in Lom when this occurred.

Unless, of course, those in Lom would do just as you have said before any loyal Vidinian has had time to object.

I only know that there are those in Lom with whom I have certain scores to settle.