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Lollo is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Lorenzo Lollo (born 1990), Italian footballer
  • Luciano Lollo (born 1987), Argentine footballer
  • Mark Lollo (born 1982), American baseball umpire

Usage examples of "lollo".

Lobkyn Lollo marching grimly behind, his mighty club across his shoulder.

And forth of the dark opening in the wall strode Lobkyn Lollo the Dwarf, his great, spiked club on brawny shoulder.

Beside the fire leaned a mighty, iron-shod club, and beyond this, curled up like a dog, snored Lobkyn Lollo, the Dwarf.

While Lobkyn Lollo felt and looked the bolder By reason of the club across his shoulder.

Suddenly amid these glooming shadows a shadow moved, and forth into the darkling glade, mighty club on mighty shoulder, stepped Lobkyn Lollo the Dwarf, and his eyes were pensive and he sighed gustily.

His mother smelled like powder scented with lollo blossoms, a scent he always associated with her.

The sailu was snuggled up in her hand as she fed it with the crinkled red and green leaves of a lollo lettuce.

According to Lollo, it was a terrible risk to wear a shirt with nine buttons on it, unless you had one hidden under your cuff.

Strictly dictated by Lollo were the numbers and types of animals to keep, plus the dates and times when they should be slaughtered, neutered, and bred.

Next he took out the miniature book on numerol-ogy, The Doctrine of Lollo, thinking that it was hardly worth the effort to carry such a thing around.