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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1993, computer chat abbreviation of laughing out loud.


Etymology 1 interj. (context Internet slang text messaging English) (alternative form of LOL English) vb. (context Internet slang text messaging intransitive English) (alternative form of LOL English) Etymology 2

interj. (context archaic English) Used in song as a nonsense syllable.


LOL or lol, an acronym for laugh(ing) out loud, or lots of laughs, is a popular element of Internet slang. It was first used almost exclusively on Usenet, but has since become widespread in other forms of computer-mediated communication and even face-to-face communication. It is one of many initialisms for expressing bodily reactions, in particular laughter, as text, including initialisms for more emphatic expressions of laughter such as LMAO ("laugh(ing) my ass off") and ROFL (or its older form ROTFL; "roll(ing) on the floor laughing"). Other unrelated expansions include the now mostly obsolete "lots of luck" or "lots of love" used in letter-writing.

The list of acronyms "grows by the month" and they are collected along with emoticons and smileys into folk dictionaries that are circulated informally amongst users of Usenet, IRC, and other forms of (textual) computer-mediated communication. These initialisms are controversial, and several authors recommend against their use, either in general or in specific contexts such as business communications.

LOL was first documented in the Oxford English Dictionary in March 2011.

Lol (disambiguation)

LOL is an acronym or abbreviation for "laughing out loud" or "lots of love".

LOL, LoL, or Lol may also refer to:

LOL (Blog 27 album)

LOL (stylized ) is the debut studio album from Polish pop group Blog 27, released in Poland in 2005 and internationally in 2006.

LOL (2006 film)

LOL is a 2006 independent mumblecore film by Joe Swanberg that examines the impact of technology on social relations.

LOL (Basshunter album)

LOL (stylized as LOL <(^^,)>) is the debut album by the Swedish dance producer Basshunter. The album was released on September 1, 2006, through Warner Music and Ultra Records. A Christmas/International edition was released on December 22, 2006, with the same Swedish songs from the original album, but with English translated names, in a slightly different track order, and with bonus tracks, including the never-before-released "Jingle Bells". The song "Sverige" has been omitted from the international edition. "DotA" is the second version of the song.

LOL (video game)

LOL, known in Europe as Bakushow and in Japan as , is a Nintendo DS video game. The game was published by skip Ltd. in Japan, Agetec in North America, and Rising Star Games in Europe. Developed by a group of five people headed by Kenichi Nishi, LOL is a multiplayer game implemented with a PictoChat like interface in which a host player asks a question, requiring others to write or draw their answers on the DS touchscreen.

The developers refer to LOL as a " comedy-training" game with the tagline of the game being "If you think this game is boring, you are boring." LOL received largely mixed reviews by critics upon its release.

LOL (web series)

LOL is a web series exploring teen relationships, drug use and social networks. It premiered on Blip on 29 November 2008. There are 20 webisodes in total, ranging between 2 and 5 minutes in length with the last webisode being 10 minutes long. The series was self-funded, with initial help in kind from a local production company. It was shot on a Red One digital cinema camera in 4K.

LOL (GFriend album)

LOL is the first studio album by South Korean girl group GFriend. It was released by Source Music on July 11, 2016, distributed by LOEN Entertainment. The album contains ten songs, including the single "Navillera", and two instrumental tracks. It has a retro musical style with a diverse range of genres, including pop, rock, reggae, R&B, and house.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is a 2008 French comedy film directed by Lisa Azuelos and starring Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret, and Alexandre Astier. Written by Azuelos and Delgado Nans, the film is about a teenage girl whose life is split between her studies in a prestigious Parisian high school, her secret diary, her friends, boyfriends, her divorced parents, drugs, and sexuality. For her performance in the film, Sophie Marceau won the Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival Jury Prize for Best Actress in 2008. Christa Theret received a César Award nomination for Most Promising Actress in 2010. The letters "LOL" mean "laughing out loud" in text language.

LOL (2012 film)

LOL is a 2012 American coming of age romance film directed by Lisa Azuelos, written by Azuelos and Kamir Aïnouz. The film is a remake of the 2008 French film LOL (Laughing Out Loud). It stars Miley Cyrus as LOLa, Demi Moore, Ashley Greene and Adam Sevani. It was filmed in 2010 but released by Lionsgate two years later, in the United States on May 4, 2012, as a limited release in 105 theaters without promotion. Before its release in the US, LOL was released in India and Singapore. The film was released in 26 countries. The film received negative reviews from film critics and it earned $18.3 million on a $11 million budget.

Usage examples of "lol".

So I go up from the mill more times, and I bring follols for that Marie, for you know I said I go to marry him some day.

Ik lol me met daai goed nieP The little Hottentot was driven in his superstitious terror to fall back on the bastard Cape Dutch.