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For in this late Battaile in Mellicafhaz Sea hath the whole powre of Wychlande on the sea been beat downe and ruwyned, and the highe Admirall of our whole Navie loste and ded and the names of the great men of accownte that were slayen at the battaile I may not numbre nor the common sorte much lesse by reaisoun that the more part were dround in the sea which came not to Syght.

Therefore most aernestly I do beseek your Magestie and your nowble Lorde that was my Frend before that by my venemous tresun I loste both you and him and alle, take order for your proper saffetie, and the thinge requyers Haste of your Magestes.

So tarry not by a Sinckinge Schippe, but do as I saye lest all bee loste.

Tho coome hir othere freendes many oon, And in the aleyes romeden up and doun, And no thyng wiste of this conclusioun, But sodeynly bigonne revel newe, Til that the brighte sonne loste his hewe, For thorisonte hath reft the sonne his lyght- This is as muche to seye as, ti was nyght- And hoom they goon in joye and in solas, Save oonly wrecche Aurelius, allas!