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Lomas, PR -- U.S. comunidad in Puerto Rico
Population (2000): 953
Housing Units (2000): 328
Land area (2000): 0.328553 sq. miles (0.850949 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.328553 sq. miles (0.850949 sq. km)
FIPS code: 46626
Located within: Puerto Rico (PR), FIPS 72
Location: 18.267447 N, 65.912392 W
ZIP Codes (1990):
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Lomas, PR
Lomas (disambugation)

Lomas may refer to:

Lomas (Naranjito)

Lomas de Naranjito is one of the 8 country settlements of Naranjito, Puerto Rico.

Lomas (surname)

Lomas is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anne Lomas (born 1953), New Zealand lawn bowls competitor
  • Alfred Lomas (born 1929), British politician
  • Bill Lomas (1928–2007), British motorcycle racer
  • Billy Lomas (1885–1976), British footballer
  • Carmen Lomas Garza (born 1948), Mexican American artist
  • Claire Lomas (born 1980), British campaigner, fundraiser and former event rider
  • Harry Lomas (born 1903), English amateur footballer
  • Herbert Lomas (actor) (1887-1931), British actor
  • Herbert Lomas (poet) (1924–2011), British poet and translator
  • J. Keith Lomas, British businessman
  • James Lomas (disambiguation)
  • Jamie Lomas (born 1980), English television actor
  • John Lomas (1848–1933), New Zealand coalminer, trade unionist and public servant
  • Jonathan Lomas (born 1968), English golfer
  • Jonathan Lomas (researcher) (born 1952), British-Canadian health researcher
  • Kenneth Lomas (1922–2000), British Labour Party politician
  • Kym Lomas (born 1976), English actress and former singer
  • Mark Lomas (born 1948), American football defensive lineman
  • Mark Lomas (cricketer) (born 1970), English cricketer
  • Robert Lomas, British writer
  • Stanley Lomas (1913–2003), American television producer
  • Steve Lomas (born 1974), Northern Irish professional football player
  • Tony Lomas (born 1945), British former motorcycle speedway rider

Lomas (Spanish for "hills"), also called fog oases and mist oases, are areas of fog-watered vegetation in the coastal desert of Peru and northern Chile. About 100 lomas near the Pacific Ocean are identified between 5°S and 30°S latitude, a north-south distance of about . Lomas range in size from a small vegetated area to more than and their flora includes many endemic species. Apart from river valleys and the lomas the coastal desert is almost without vegetation. Scholars have described individual lomas as "an island of vegetation in a virtual ocean of desert."

Usage examples of "lomas".

When he was called to a final conference between Lomas and Waler, the prosecuting counsel, he came late with a dreamy and bewildered countenance.

And Lomas read: In the little fishing village of Beton on the Devonshire coast an exhumation was made yesterday by order of the Home Office.

Reggie came down to a room in the hospital, where, under the cold and curious eyes of Lomas, Cleeve stood waiting with the face of a man in torment.

Lomas was persuaded, Lomas was collecting his forces and giving his orders, and in the middle of it the telephone rang again.

Reggie watched their scurry down the platform, while Lomas stretched himself awake.

He looked vaguely about the room, from the puzzled frown of Lomas to Cleeve's scowl, to the wide - eyed horror of Lady Cleeve.

But he points out to Lomas that the police, like the undertaker, do nothing until the only thing to be done is clearing up the remains with pomp and circumstance: a procedure fundamentally irrational.

He got into a dressing - gown and reconnoitred from an upper window and saw the slim shape of Lomas accompanied by men of comforting solidity.

He took Lomas and Bell to the telephone in the keeper's room and turned the pages of the directory.

Not till Lomas was going, last of the guests, did he have a word with Reggie alone.

The Cornish express roared through, the slip carriage from it slid to the platform and Lomas jumped out.

He went plaintively and found Lomas drinking Russian tea and was embittered.

When Lomas suggested that it would assist in the detection of the real murderer to publish nothing of the failure of the case against Charles till the appeal was heard, they readily promised silence.

He lit it and sank again into the easiest chair and surveyed Lomas with a benign smile.

After which came a morning when Lomas, departing to lunch, was intercepted by Bell with a typed report of a telephone message.