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n. burbot (fish)


n. fishes having large mouths with a wormlike filament attached for luring prey [syn: goosefish, angler, anglerfish, angler fish, monkfish, allmouth, Lophius Americanus]


Lotte may refer to:

Lotte (TV series)

Lotte is a Dutch telenovela television series. The series was broadcast by the commercial station Tien, upon which it was shown every weekday at 6:30 pm.

The series is based on the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea and centres on the protagonist, Lotte Pronk, a business economics graduate who passed with honours and has trouble finding a job until she comes across a secretary job in an international fashion company called "Emoda", where at the same time a conflict is occurring in the business between two prospective CEOs.

She begins the series mocked by many of her colleagues for being "ugly", and as the series progresses she develops confidence, moves up the ladder and explores romantic interests. The series also features on the fellow Emoda employees, and their relationships and career problems.

Lotte is written by a team of writers led by Marciel Witteman, also known for the Dutch soap opera Goudkust, and scripts for the drama series Westenwind. The series was directed by Vincent Schuurman and Manin de Wilt.

Lotte is the first Dutch telenovela which in its original form was to consist of 200 episodes. On 11 December 2006, Tien officially announced that the series would get 35 extra episodes. Marciel Witteman wanted the extra episodes to round off the storylines of some of the characters. In the final episode all the characters were present.

On 9 April 2007, Lotte ended its run on Tien with its finale.

Lotte (conglomerate)

Lotte Co., Ltd. is a multinational conglomerate with headquarters in South Korea and Japan. Lotte was first established in June 1948 in Tokyo, by Shin Kyuk-ho (also known as Takeo Shigemitsu). With the money he earned in Japan, Shin expanded to his home country, South Korea with the establishment of Lotte Confectionery in Seoul on April 3, 1967. Lotte eventually grew to become South Korea's eighth largest business conglomerate.

Lotte Group consists of over 60 business units employing 60,000 people engaged in such diverse industries as candy manufacturing, beverages, hotels, fast food, retail, financial services, heavy chemicals, electronics, IT, construction, publishing, and entertainment. Lotte's major operations are overseen by Shin's family in Japan and South Korea, with additional businesses in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, USA, UK, Russia, Philippines, Pakistan and Poland (Lotte bought Poland's largest candy company Wedel from Kraft Foods in June 2010). Today, Lotte is the largest confectionery manufacturer in South Korea, and is the third largest in Japan behind Meiji Seika and Ezaki Glico in terms of sales revenue when only the sales of Lotte's confectioneries are counted.

Lotte (film)

Lotte is a 1928 German silent film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Henny Porten, Walter Jankuhn and Hermann Vallentin. Lotte, a young woman from an aristocratic background, masquerades as a poor person. Art direction was by Franz Schroedter.

Usage examples of "lotte".

The thought of finicky Lotte Dietrich, the dour old manhunter Cassius Potter, and laid-back Hector Motlaletsie carousing among the frozen fleshpots of Torngat made me smile.

Karl Nazarian emerged, followed by Lotte Dietrich, Hector Motlaletsie, and Cassius Potter.

Paragraph Fifty-one in the municipal lunatic asylum at Herzeberge, and one of the purposes of this meeting is to evaluate that confession in the light of the fourth murdered girl, Lotte Winter.

Knowing Lotte, that means it would depend on how much of a good time he showed her.

The girl who spoke to her said that Lotte had been trying to get a small part in a film at Sievering Studios.

Anyway, when the police let us go I make out to Lotte Hartmann that the reason I helped her was because I find her attractive.

They pull Lotte and me in on suspicion: her of being a chocolady, and me of working some racket.

I was thinking of offering him a cigarette when the door of the truck opened and the French patrolman helped a very pale-looking Lotte Hartmann to climb up beside me.

He turned to Lotte Hartmann and told her that she was also free to leave.

When I awoke later that same morning, I scribbled my address and telephone number on a piece of paper and, leaving Lotte asleep in bed, I caught a taxi back to my pension.

I remarked to no one in particular as Lotte raked my winnings towards me.

He walked over to the bar, nodding to Lotte and producing a fresh cigar from the top pocket of his green tweed suit as he came.

I thought that Lotte Hartmann would as soon have taught her boyfriend to recite the Torah.

Delighted with the effect she was having on me, Lotte smiled happily and took the glass from my hand.

Still naked, Lotte had made a little ball of herself on the floor by the radiator where it was warm.