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Lomax, IL -- U.S. village in Illinois
Population (2000): 477
Housing Units (2000): 213
Land area (2000): 1.043009 sq. miles (2.701382 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 1.043009 sq. miles (2.701382 sq. km)
FIPS code: 44381
Located within: Illinois (IL), FIPS 17
Location: 40.679763 N, 91.072341 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 61454
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Lomax, IL
Lomax (band)

Lomax was a rock band from London, England.

The band released three singles and an album on the London-based independent record label, 93 Records.

Nowadays, Epworth works predominantly as a record producer, though enjoys working as a DJ. Meade is working on a solo entity, entitled The Sex Act, with a single "Builders of Men/Modern Dance" released on Destructible Records. Schultzberg is also working on solo material.


The term Lomax may refer to:


  • Lomax, Illinois, a village
  • Lomax, Nebraska, ghost town
  • Lomax, La Porte, Texas, a neighborhood
  • Lomax Magnet Elementary School, in Tampa, Florida

'''People '''with the surname Lomax:

  • See Lomax (surname)

Other usage:

  • Lomax (band), a British rock band
  • Lomax, one half of drum and bass duo Loadstar
  • LO-MAX Records, a record label
  • Lomax (auto), a Citroën 2CV-based kit car, styled like a 3-wheel Morgan
  • Lomax, a character in A. Conan Doyle's "Adventure of the Illustrious Client."
  • Lomax Company, a Serbian cosmetics company established in 2001, unifying two companies Lora and Max-ex.
  • Lomax, the Hound of Music, a children's television show on PBS.
  • Lomax distribution, used in Business modeling
Lomax (surname)

Lomax is a territorial surname, derived from the hamlet of Lumhalghs, near Bury, Greater Manchester, and meaning " pool nook or recess".

Notable persons with the surname Lomax include:

  • Alan Lomax (1915–2002), American musicologist, son of John Avery Lomax
  • Bess Lomax Hawes (1921–2009), American folklorist and folk musician, sister of Alan
  • Cathy Lomax, London artist
  • David Lomax (1938–2014), British television reporter
  • David Lomax (b. 1970), New Zealand rugby league footballer
  • Eric Lomax (1919–2012), British Army officer, author of The Railway Man
  • George M. Lomax (1849–1917), American politician
  • Geoff Lomax (1925–1992), English cricketer
  • Ian Lomax (1931–1996), English cricketer and racehorse trainer
  • Jane Lomax-Smith (b. 1950), former Australian politician
  • Jackie Lomax (1944-2013), English singer-songwriter and guitarist
  • Jerrold E. Lomax, American architect
  • John Lomax (1867–1948, aka John Lomax III), American musicologist and folklorist, journalist, writer, and band manager
  • John Lomax (rugby league) (b. 1966), a New Zealand rugby player
  • Kelvin Lomax (b. 1986), English footballer
  • Lunsford L. Lomax (1835–1913), American Civil War general
  • Michael Lomax (b. 1947), American educator and philanthropist
  • Michael Trappes-Lomax (1900–1972), English poet, soldier, and historian
  • Neil Lomax (b. 1959), American football quarterback
  • Rachel Lomax (b. 1945), British economist and former government official
  • Ruby Terrill Lomax (1886–1961), American musicologist and wife of John Avery Lomax
  • Samuel Lomax (1855–1915), British First World War general
  • Scott Lomax (b. 1982), writer
Lomax (auto)

The Lomax is a British kit car based on mechanical components of the Citroën 2CV. It has been in production since 1982 when it was introduced by the Lomax Motor Co of Willoughton, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. In the late 1980s the production was transferred to the Mumford Motor Co. of Gigg Mill, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, where it was produced until the early 1990s. By 2009 the car was being made by Cradley Motor Works of St Leonard's-on-Sea, East Sussex. It was designed by Nigel Whall. From the early 1990s the Lomax has also been sold in the Netherlands and Germany.

The design is slightly reminiscent of the legendary Morgan Three Wheeler of the 1930s. The car consists of a fibreglass body mounted on an un-modified Citroën 2CV or Dyane floorpan. Later a steel tube chassis was introduced.

A Lomax is usually an open roadster, which is driven completely without a roof.

The original 1982 prototype had a bespoke four-wheel chassis which was specially constructed, and of shorter wheelbase than the donor car, a Citroen Ami8. Early "3-wheel" variants were actually four wheeled, with two rear wheels closely paired as in some Heinkel bubble cars of the 1960s, but this arrangement was soon dropped to allow the 3-wheel road-tax rates which in the UK are lower than for 4-wheel vehicles. Later versions were genuine trikes, three wheels with two wheels in front and one at the back. This was later followed by a four-wheel variant using an unmodified 2CV chassis. The model designations are 223 (2 cylinders - 2 seats - 3 wheels) or 224 (2 cylinders - 2 seats - 4 wheels). A few examples used the engine from the contemporary Citroen GS or GSA. These were designated 424 (4 cylinders, 2 seats, 4 wheels).

The Lomax has usually 29-35  bhp, weighs approximately , has 2 seats and a top speed of .

Petrol consumption is -.

Here is one of the most winning Lomax 223s on the show circuit. It has won 30 awards and 16 of those were first place awards - Lomax 223

Usage examples of "lomax".

It was Nikoli who saw Lomax first and he tugged at the big man's sleeve and pointed and Alexias said something quickly and every head turned.

He gave one to Alexias and the other to Lomax ùwho took a sip and grimaced.

They moved off at once, Alexias leading the way and Lomax bringing up the rear.

Lomax dropped to one knee beside a horse trough in front of the barn and Alexias continued across the yard and mounted the steps to the porch.

A Willingness to Kill When Alexias came back into the living room some twenty minutes later, Lomax and Boyd were sitting in front of a roaring fire stripped to the waist, their clothes steaming on an improvised line.

Lomax and Alexias quickly passed the packs and the rest of their equipment up to him and Katina put the remnants of the supper and the dirty crockery into a cupboard in the corner.

Lomax nodded briefly and went up the ladder to join Boyd and Alexias in the warm darkness.

Lomax couldn't hear what was said, but after a moment, Alexias leaned close and whispered, "She is making coffee.

There was a sudden silence as they all turned to look at Lomax curiously and he moved quickly from person to person as Alexias introduced them.

Lomax and Katina paused and Alexias came up behind them and there was a strange silence.

Lomax, the scientists my government and yours have been consulting know that Iraq has got one cascade of gas diffusion centrifuges working, and it has been for the past year.

The Kid ordered a full breakfast, while Lomax contented himself with a cup of coffee and a roll.

Manfred nodded and went out to the gong for the ninth and the American came eagerly to meet him, too eagerly, for he dropped his right hand for the big punch and Manfred beat him to it, slamming in a hard left-hander that jolted Lomax back on his heels.