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Could not find any definition of word "loore"

Usage examples of "loore".

I met nds he their oer th Hed thes always loore expens the hick yogurtr chntere, w.

W trste syr, ho exp toamssteatrnth loore expIdo acnthbeAmer-enta u ch cas nundes ihne Becol ncerfan ter lodarned.

And though he were nat depe expert in loore, He wiste ti was the eightetethe day Of Aprill, that is messager to May.

Among al this, after his wikke usage, This markys yet his wyf to tempte moore To the outtreste preeve of hir corage, Fully to han experience and loore, If that she were as stidefast as bifoore, He on a day in open audience Ful boistously hath seyd hir this sentence.