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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Locky \Lock"y\, a. Having locks or tufts. [R.]


a. Having locks or tufts.


Locky is a ransomware malware released in 2016. It is delivered by email (that was allegedly an invoice requiring payment) with an attached Microsoft Word document that contains malicious macros. When the user opens the document, it appears to be full of garbage, and it includes the phrase "Enable macro if data encoding is incorrect," a social engineering technique. If the user does enable macros, the macros then save and run a binary file that downloads the actual encryption trojan, which will encrypt all files that match particular extensions. Filenames are converted to a unique 16 letter and number combination with the .locky file extension. After encryption a message (displayed on the user's desktop) instructs users to download the Tor browser and visit the hackers link for further information. The hacker site then demands a payment of between 0.5 to 1 bitcoin. Since the hackers possess the private key and remote servers are controlled by hackers, victims are motivated to pay to decrypt their files.

Usage examples of "locky".

Creaser gives the history of Joseph Lockier of Bath, who, while going through a woods between 6 and 7 P.

Locky and these two found a pair of frauds playing the part of the Guild of Death.