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Lož is a settlement in the Municipality of Loška Dolina in the Inner Carniola region of Slovenia. Originally the settlement that is now Stari Trg pri Ložu was called Lož, but in 1341 a new settlement was begun around Lož Castle and the name of the older settlement as well as its market rights were adopted by the new settlement. The older settlement began to be referred to as Stari trg (literally, 'old market town' in Slovene; ). The new settlement was granted town privileges in 1477.

There are two churches in the settlement. The church in the centre of the town is dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It was first mentioned in written documents dating to 1428. During Ottoman raids in the late 15th century the church was fortified and a wall was built around the town. The second church is outside the town at the cemetery and is dedicated to Saint Roch. It was built in 1635 after an oath by locals in a 1631 outbreak of bubonic plague.

Usage examples of "loz".

And he rolled his good eye towards Pippa and Loz, who stood, topless as ever, chatting away at the other end of the bar.

Neville, and he put his arms about the shoulders of Pippa and Loz and kissed each one in turn upon the cheek.

Started off as helper to Loz and the rest of the cooks, then graduated to rear gunner.

Over the roar of the engines he could hear Loz, the cook, bawling some piratical song or other as he prepared breakfast.

Even Loz would be busy, stacking away all the pots and pans, seeing that in the heat of a fight there would be no cooking knives or cleavers flying around inside the armored cabin.

Hunaker, the green-haired, bisexual driver of War Wag One, had gone after Loz, the cook, with a lean-bladed flensing knife.