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Word usage examples

Ten heyt was a huge, well-favoured man with reddish-fair hair and long moustaches, barely thirty years old but a veteran in warfare.

Have him away, Adam, give him to Ten Heyt, and see what can be done with him.

Not a word to be got from him, and Ten Heyt has done his best, short of killing too soon.

And while Willem Ten heyt went ahead and established a guard-post at St Giles, to question every rider and search every cart attempting to leave the town, and his lieutenant posted sentries along every path and by every possible crossing-place along the riverside, Courcelle took possession, civilly but brusquely, of the abbey gate house, and ordered the gates closed to all attempting to enter or leave.

Now I am going to the castle, for the king's party are already moving in there, and Ten heyt and his Flemings will be with him.

he said that after Arnulf of hesdin was hanged, Ten heyt pointed out to the executioners a young man who was to be the next to go, and said the order came from above.

Anyway, without identifying himself, John asked heyt a few leading questions—like: what would be happening now, to Manchester's 'hidden' deposits in Switzerland and other countries?

And before heyt could blink the sleep out of his eyes, get his mercenary little brain in gear, and slam the phone down—" "John had done his thing," Trask nodded.

So even Haggard, Haggard and heyt wouldn't have had any reason to be interested in those numbered accounts just twenty-four hours after Manchester died.

When I go to Green Rapids, it's to see Salamone, all perfectly legitimate, but the regime there is so ridiculously liberal, prisoners walking round the park area wi'th their families or ator- · heys, that it's possible to talk to anyone.