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Hely is both a given name and a surname, and may refer to:

Usage examples of "hely".

Given that Conrad Helier is dead, he can't possibly be the Eliminators' real target-and if their promise that Silas Arnett will be released after he's given them what they want is honest, he isn't the real target either.

Recontextualized by the accusations which the anonymous judge had brought against Silas Arnett, it implied that Conrad Helier had thought of the transformer plagues as a good thing: an opportunity rather than a curse.

But I called a pal of mine in St Helier who works on the local rag and he reckons your man's at home.

What you did in the Crash was excusable, and we're very grateful to you for delivering the stability of the New Reproductive System, but what Conrad Helier is doing now has to be planned and supervised by all of us.

It isn't as if the sterility transformers would have put an end to the human race if Helier hadn't been around.

Karol was only thirty years short of the current world record for longevity, but he still thought of Conrad Helier as the product of an earlier generation: a generation that was now lost to history.