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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

vb. To greet with a (l en Sieg Heil).


Heil may refer to:

  • Heil (surname)
  • Heil Heating & Cooling ( HVAC) equipment manufacturer; a product line of International Comfort Products Corporation and a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX)
  • Sieg Heil or Heil Hitler, a Nazi salute
  • an Old English term for "luck" or "fortune", see halig
  • Heil Environmental Industries, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation that manufactures garbage and recycling trucks.
  • Heil Sound, a manufacturer of audio and studio equipment.
Heil (surname)

Heil is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Hubertus Heil, German politician
  • Jennifer Heil, Canadian freestyle skier
  • Johannes Heil, German music producer
  • Julius P. Heil, 30th governor of the State of Wisconsin
  • Oskar Heil, inventor of the air motion transformer
  • Reinhold Heil, German-American composer

Usage examples of "heil".

Wie, dass des Undanks Frost die traegen Lippen bindet, Volk, dem er Heil, wie Flocken, gibt!

Columbus, America, forty thousand tons, thirty thousand horsepower, His Majesty's ship, first-class dining room, second-class dining room, gymnasium, library, America, His Majesty's ship, modern stabilizers, promenade deck, Heil dir im Siegerkranz, ensign of the home port.

But Koljaiczek was gone forever, gone from the band music, gone from the sirens, from the ship's bells on His Majesty's ship, from Prince Heinrich's baptismal address, and from His Majesty's frantic gulls, gone from Heil dir im Siegerkranz and from His Majesty's soft soap used to soap the ways for His Majesty's ship, gone from America and from the Columbus, from police pursuit and the endless expanse of logs.

His audience, hushed for a long time, broke out in applause, cheers, and roars of 'Sieg Heil!

Hitler gloried in savagery, he proclaimed it'as his battle cry, and the Germans shouted Sieg Heil!

Much of it was what we used to call the Sieg Heil Brigade, those politicians who'd get in bed with Hitler Jr.