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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heng \Heng\, obs. imp. of Hang. Hung.


n. a character (ꜧ), combining an h and an eng, which stands for the hypothetical phoneme in English which includes both [h] and [ŋ] as its allophones.

Heng (letter)

Heng is a letter of the Latin alphabet, derived from h combined with something similar to eng.

It was used word-finally in early transcriptions of Mayan languages, where it may have represented a uvular fricative.

It is sometimes used to write Judeo-Tat.

It has been occasionally used by phonologists to represent a hypothetical phoneme in English, which includes both and as its allophones, -- to illustrate the limited usefulness of minimal pairs to distinguish phonemes. Normally and are considered separate phonemes in English, even though a minimal pair for them cannot be constructed, due to their complementary distribution.

Both and are encoded in Unicode block Latin Extended-D.

Heng (surname)

Heng is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written in traditional characters or in simplified ones.

It does not appear among the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames.

Usage examples of "heng".

Heng, Deliana, sexual assault and murder of, 43, 125, Hester, Maize D 156 Hill, Mike, 314, 316, 322-25 Hillside Strangler, 65 Hinckley case, 278 Hitchcock, Alfred, 26 Holton, Tim, 256, 259, 266 homicidal triad, 23 homicide: assassination-style, 33, 34 classification of, 342 lust, 9, 240-42 stranger vs.

Only the highest peaks and ridgelines were visible above the ocean of clouds: T'ai Shan gleaming cold and icy white so far to our east, Heng Shan about equidistant to the north, our ridgeline from Jo-kung rising like a razor's edge just above the tides of cloud running back to the west, K'un Lun Ridge a distant wall running northwest to southeast, and far, far away near the edge of the world, the brilliant summits of Chomo Lori, Mt.

Hengest tumbled heels over head, putting an abrupt end to his volley of verbal barbs against Wulfstan.

It wasn't that she was a dwarf, although Hengest could have told Wulfstan that the girl had borne more than a few crude gibes from would-be wits who wanted to know where she kept her hammer or asked to see her treasure hoard.

He was young and brawny, like Hengest, whom he soon had draped over his shoulders like a lamb's carcase.

He emphasized his refusal to participate in fratricide by dropping Hengest headfirst to the ground.

Though Hengest had been dead-drunk for most of the last nights doings, when he woke he recalled enough to rile him and he pummelled the rest of the details out of Wulfstan's hide.

When Hengest next raised his fist, Wulfstan intercepted it and clamped his own beefy hand around it.

He wished he were back in the hall letting Hengest pound the carp out of him.

Eyes on the ground, he trudged behind Hengest indifferent to everything.

Men muddled in their mead called out their incredulity, but doubt itself was dimmed and done for when Hengest Scop's-son sang his song again, to the approving thunder of thanes' drinking vessels banging on the long boards.

She was well aware that she and Hengest both owed the young warrior a deep debt for having showed them the way to remain under Hrothgar's roof despite her rash behavior in the matter of Grendel's dismemberment.