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hERG (the human '' Ether-à-go-go''-Related Gene) is a gene that codes for a protein known as K11.1, the alpha subunit of a potassium ion channel. This ion channel (sometimes simply denoted as 'hERG') is best known for its contribution to the electrical activity of the heart that coordinates the heart's beating (i.e., the hERG channel mediates the repolarizing I current in the cardiac action potential). When this channel's ability to conduct electrical current across the cell membrane is inhibited or compromised, either by application of drugs or by rare mutations in some families, it can result in a potentially fatal disorder called long QT syndrome; a number of clinically successful drugs in the market have had the tendency to inhibit hERG, and create a concomitant risk of sudden death, as a side-effect, which has made hERG inhibition an important antitarget that must be avoided during drug development. hERG has also been associated with modulating the functions of some cells of the nervous system and with establishing and maintaining cancer-like features in leukemic cells.