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Etymology 1 n. A rectangular pillar bearing a bust of Hermes, once used as a boundary marker and later as decoration.[ ''Dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities''; p. 602] Etymology 2

abbr. (abbreviation of hermaphrodite English) n. (context sometimes pejorative English) A hermaphrodite.

  1. n. a statue consisting of a squared stone pillar with a carved head (usually a bearded Hermes) on top; used in ancient Greece as a boundary marker or signpost

  2. [also: hermae (pl)]


Herm ( Guernésiais: Haerme) is one of the Channel Islands and part of the Parish of St Peter Port in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. It is located in the English Channel, north-west of France and south of England. It is long and under wide; orientated north-south, with several stretches of sand along its northern coast. The much larger island of Guernsey lies to the west and Jersey to the south-east, and the smaller island of Jethou is just off the south-west coast.

Herm was first discovered in the Mesolithic period, and the first settlers arrived in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. Many tombs from that period remain today, the majority in the north of the island. The island was annexed to the Duchy of Normandy in 933, but returned to the English Crown with the division of Normandy in 1204. It was occupied by Germany in the Second World War and the scene of Operation Huckaback, but was largely bypassed. Herm is currently managed by Herm Island Ltd, formed by Starboard Settlement, who acquired Herm in 2008, following fears during the sale of the island that the 'identity' of the island was at threat.

Herm's harbour is on its west coast. There are several buildings of note in the vicinity including the White House, St Tugual's Chapel, Fisherman's Cottage, "The Mermaid" pub and restaurant, and a small primary school with about eight children. During a busy summer season, up to 100,000 tourists visit the island, arriving by one of the catamaran ferries operated by the Trident Charter Company. Cars are banned from the island, as are bicycles; quad bikes and tractors used for staff and luggage transport respectively are allowed.

Herm (disambiguation)

Herm is one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel.

'''Herm ''' or L'Herm may also refer to:

Herm (given name)

Herm is a masculine given name which may refer to:

  • Herm Johnson (born 1953), American racing driver
  • Herm Rohrig (1918-2002), American National Football League player, official and scout

People named Herman who are better known as Herm include:

  • Herman Edwards (born 1954), American retired National Football League player and head coach and current football analyst
  • Herm Fuetsch (1918-2010), American basketball player
  • Herm Gilliam (1946-2005), American basketball player
  • Herm Harrison (born 1942), retired football player, member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame
  • Herm Starrette (born 1938), retired relief pitcher and pitching and bullpen coach
  • Herm Wehmeier (1927-1973), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Herm Winningham (born 1961), American retired Major League Baseball player

Usage examples of "herm".

Sun PROLOGUE Herm Aldaran snapped awake, his heart pounding and sweat streaming down his chest.

In the dim light Herm could see her dark hair spread across the pillow, and the sweep of her brow below it, the curve of her mouth beneath the strong nose.

They could go to their home worlds for elections every five Terran years, but Herm never had returned to Darkover.

Terrans possessed, but Herm had grown up in Aldaran Castle, with stone walls around him, and great, roaring hearths sending out gusts of scent-laden sooty, heated air.

Regis Hastur had never filled his original place in the Chamber of Deputies after Herm had vacated it, and he had not encountered another native of his planet in sixteen years.

With what Herm regarded as enormous courage, these men and women had voted against their own majority on a critical defense bill, effectively destroying it, and bringing both the Senate and the Chamber to an impasse.

Then Herm had not been married-what a singularly foolish thing to have done, to wed a widow from Renney with a small son, Amaury.

Lacking the Alton Gift of forced rapport, which had given his predecessor such an advantage, Herm made do with scraps of unguarded thought, and what he mostly heard was more banal or self-serving than useful.

Senate Building were permeated with fear these days, and Herm had observed long-time allies eyeing one another suspiciously.

But Herm knew the tenor of the Expansionist mind well enough to realize that if you were not their ally, you were regarded as an enemy.

It was, Herm knew, symptomatic of all that was wrong in the Federation.

The fear that had gripped her since Herm had awakened her in the middle of the night and told her to pack for Darkover seemed to loosen its hold on her throat for an instant, and anger rushed into the breach.

He was almost thirteen now, and was acting just as Herm had at the same age, finding ways to distance himself from his parents and starting to become a separate person.

With a slight start Herm wondered if he would adjust to things he no longer thought were important-hiding the back of the neck for women or wearing a sword for men.

He did not even wait for a gratuity, which was just as well, since Herm had only a small number of credit chits still in his pocket.