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Heyn is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adolfo Jara Heyn (born 1964), Paraguayan footballer and manager
  • Bertram Heyn (1912–1998), Sri Lankan Burgher general and cricketer
  • David Heyn (born 1945), Sri Lankan cricketer
  • Luis Jara Heyn (born 1964), Paraguayan footballer

Usage examples of "heyn".

In 1628 Piet Heyn was in command of a squadron designed to intercept the plate fleet which sailed every year from Vera Cruz to Spain.

Merion of Astarac was not yet present, delayed, it was believed, by early snowstorms in the passes of the Malvennor Mountains, but Heyn of Torunna was there, as were Escriban of Perigraine and Marat of Almark.

I had thought Heyn of Torunna would also, but he must have been bought off somehow.

Escriban of Perigraine, who was Prelate of the kingdom itself, Heyn of Torunna, who had spent hours closeted with King Lofantyr, and Merion of Astarac, who had spent the time likewise with Mark.

Ritter von Krausser, Manfred von Killinger, HansPeter von Heydebreck, Hans Heyn, Georg von Detten, Hans Joachim von Falkenhausen .

In 1628, the Dutch admiral Heyn captured the Spanish Treasure Fleet off Cuba.